Dasha Presents Update 0.6.13

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Sound, graphics and mechanics tweaks bring greater comfort!

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  2. 4:12 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  4. Wait a minute… After developing my skills to slow down my RN CL and activate my smoke at the right moment before getting sighted and never leaving the smoke circle became pointless… So the learning curve to play RN CL have changed from experienced to idiot-proof… *sigh* Are you saying RN ships will be idiot-proof for now on?

  5. As always , wargaming improving the game with the feedback of the less skilled player base

    • Fabian Perez Elitist

    • The game is becoming more kiddy friendly it is becoming boring.

    • Jacob Tan Jing Hong

      Games should be balanced around good players as making ships retardproof for bad players would allow good players to abuse them COUGH CONQUEROR CANT BE CITADEL FULL BROADSIDE WHILE SPAMMING HE COUGH plus having less retardproof ships will punish bad players for sucking instead of rewarding them for sailing full broadside like an idiot so they can actually learn and improve. Like honestly tho I hate it when battleships players play like shit and can’t be punished while when i skillfully angle my cruiser to bounce shell I take 3 citadels through my bow

    • Skill can only get you so far… I primarily drive DD’s, and often find myself at odds being targeted by very aggressive CV players in game. No matter how I mod my ships, my Destroyers feeble AA was no match against an aggressive CV onslaught, hopefully this update will level the playing field, at least for few DD’s caught in the cross hairs of dive bombers! There has always been an angst between DD and CV players, understandably so, as a juicy CV is a coveted target of any Destroyer captain! o7

  6. A defensive fire buff? Really? Why? Aren’t CVs in bad shape as it is.

    Also, so every other nation has 2x DAA I’m assuming, USN is longer than other nations because that’s the USN thing better AA and now 3x, ok. Why the USSR?

    I don’t understand how they are trying to balance things and make each nation unique with its own characteristics anymore.

    Also CVs seem to be ok the out with WoWS devs, like they’ve given up on them and are trying to force players off of them.

  7. Yup and another fail nerf on CVs that is completely unneeded and another buff just to buff the commies… Seriously wargaming wtf?

    • When did the British cruiser line join the other side? O_o

    • Was talking about the unneeded buff to Soviet DD’s. I have no issue with the British Cruiser improvements.

    • I’ve never had trouble doing top 5 damage in a CV before. Don’t see it changing. Main annoyance is my own team not knowing how to use their ships. Since CV gameplay is much more dependent on the team than other types of gameplay.

  8. Another nerf to CV’s.
    Goddamit WG

    • CVs obviously, so? DDs were never plane shredders to begin with (unless you look at pre-nerf Grozovoi). This will just allow them to do more solo play.

    • Have you ever play CV? Sim’s, Fletcher. and Benson, they eat planes for dessert already. With this, rip scouting with fighters or cross drop against them.

    • I guess it depends on how we define plane shredder. US DDs may be good, no disputing that, but they’re no Atlanta, Des Moines, or pre-nerf Grozovoi. If someone really wanted to strike one of those DDs (at least before this buff), they’ll still get a squadron through if they send multiples.

      So wait, Sims has Def AA at tier 7? Didn’t know that.

    • It only apply to US and Ruski DD’s, CV’s still have the advantage over other nations Destroyer fleet. This update was probably decided upon to give CV players pause before committing to an assault. CV’s have led a rain of terror upon many a DD for a long time now, an update was over due.

    • Also of note is that US and Ruski DD’s have a very short torpedo range, the torpedo line being well within a DD’s spotting range, so most likely CV’s will be engaged with a DD’s guns more so than torpedo’s. Which is why they only enhanced the AA of Destroyers of these nations. Just be thankful they didn’t boost the AA of my Kamikaze! xD

  9. Oh Dasha…..

  10. Just add subtitles, no need for voice over.

  11. stop buffing AA already.

  12. Remember? 2017 Year of the aircraft carrier? Me neither.

    • Google:
      ‘Did you mean: Termination of the Aircraft Carrier?’

    • It was better than 2016. Fighter CV weren’t as worthless since lower tier CV can take down higher tier CV fighters. They are still worthless in that they do no damage in a small team based game and just neutralize up to 2 enemy ships. Fighter CV also get more credits and XP than they did before. So marginally better.

  13. Even your silliness is cute Dasha, why do you keep bringing me here? I don’t really care about these updates 🙂

  14. God you people are fucking stupid. High tier carrier is nearly impossible unless you’re really fucking good and don’t get shit on by the MM. Yet you keep buffing AA.

    • You say that as if I’m ever gonna reach T10 in the CV line.

    • Shredder 1070 even though dds are meh its gonna be more difficult to leave your planes over a dd for spotting. Definitely when they pop smoke and your aircraft are still spotted

    • I guess it will have use for when I play DDs. I spec them for AA cause lol reasons.

    • You realize it’s a buff to the consumable right? Most don’t even pick it. The Benson has to give up a gun for it, the Fletcher and Gearing give up chasing or fleeing ability for it. Their DPS is hardly Des Moines or Baltimore levels. The buff is a great addition. It could save a DD from dying to spotting within the first 5 minutes. And even still, tier 9 and 10 squadrons aren’t going to be eliminated by a sole DD. They will still be caught out by a determined CV and sunk by every ship in the vicinity.

    • Me being that CV lol. Fair enough. But to be honest, any buff or nerf that leads to a CV being less effective is trash. They treat us like artillery players. Well not the Wargaming devs of WoT, but more like the people who actually play the game. It’s like we’re complete cancer to them whereas the sky cancer in WoT is treated like premium players.

  15. AA Defensive Fire Improved to 4x? My Atlanta just got a boner.

  16. Dasha………..

  17. I will give WOW one thing they picked a bombshell of a women to do their vids.

  18. I love the out takes.

  19. “Year of the CV”… HA!

  20. Yeah, bc playing a CV was too easy. “Year of the carrier”!

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