Dasha Presents Update 0.6.15

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Marvel at a new Port, play a new Campaign, announce your presence with foghorns.

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  1. I thought maybe the Roma was going to be released too in this patch :/

  2. 2018 is going to be THE YEAR OF THE CARRIERS!!!

  3. Can we win a day out with dasha please? I’d like a campaign for that

  4. Why couldn’t it be Scharnhorst. I would have liked that more.

  5. Clan battles was the best because i couldn’t join with my CV’s

  6. Dasha??????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????❤??❤?❤?❤❤?❤?❤?❤?❤❤❤????❤?❤?

  7. British aircraft carriers is all I care about


  8. I can not devote all my time to a single game, I work. Do not complete the collection of Arpeggio ships, do not complete the last campaign and do not unlock the Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. WoWs frustrates me.

    • Unless you work 80 hours per week, most collections are achievable. You’re not the only working adult playing the game.

    • Joe Average: If your work is mediocre enough that you do not get tired, ok, I give you the reason.

    • We all get tired and have lives outside of gaming when we’re away from work. The same applies to most of the people I game with, yet we still earn most of the freebies by how we spend that gaming time. There have been some events which are too limited in duration for the average working person such as Fire/Water for the Kamikaze R.

    • The missions for October Revolution and Arpeggio ships are pretty easy though

    • I already said that it is not a matter of “ease”, it is because of time. Does someone read or at least understand?

  9. Valparaiso Port in the next update pls.

  10. Happy HORNidays everyone!

  11. These foghorns are a big mistake….

  12. when’s the update where Dasha tells us how y’all rigged the election?

  13. So no fix for the hipper and eugen??

  14. Ich libe dich Graf Zeppelin!!

  15. let the horn spamming begin!!!

  16. Give ARP ships their own horn sounds plz

  17. Wonderful game.
    Spectacular commumity.
    Where are the outtakes?
    Happy holidays, all.

  18. Dasha is best Girl.

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