Dasha Presents Update 0.7.10 | World of Warships

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Update 0.7.10 brings the second part of British cycle and beginning of Halloween! British destroyers, return of old operations and many-many more!

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  1. Yay just before my birthday awesome thank you Wargaming :).

  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new update?
    Are you prepared to fight Rasputin again?:)

    • The subtitles are coming soon, Diego. :)))
      For the submarines, you will have to wait.

    • Is this also for mobile?

    • I request to world of warships management staff developers that please bring Missouri back in uss fleet I love Missouri please it’s a humble request, I don’t know how much time I have of my life but I just want to play this great ship thankyou ?

    • I like that WOWS has caught on to the “Low-Mid Tier” Ranked Battle concept, as that’s where a lot of different groups of players are to be found. The “History Buff” group likes the WW1/WW2 era ships, the “DD Main” group likes the lack of Radar, the “Battleship Main” group likes the ability to brawl, the “Cruiser Main” group likes armor that works, the “Carrier Main” group likes to face ships that they can actually get near without gimmicks, the “Anime-Fan” group like it’s ships, the “Seal-Clubber” group ‘likes’ it’s opponents, the “Low-Credits” group likes their cost-effectiveness, the “Casuals” and “Friendly Competition” groups like the lessened consequences for loosing/failure (an issue for long-term fun, especially when statistics rears it’s head), the “New Players” and “New Clans” groups like having ships to play Ranked Battles with that they actually know how to use, the “Old Guard” group tends to like the older, and less update-altered playstyles. It’s a Win-Win! 🙂

  3. Ra-ra-rasputin

  4. Dasha’s true nature revealed.
    *shrugs and goes back to sinking the Yamato*

  5. Did Dasha just let slip she likes tentacle hentai?

  6. Of course Rasputin still isn’t dead.

  7. Jean Bart?

  8. I will protect the glorious Transylvania from the evil romanians !

  9. Jean Bart? Bourgogne? Alaska?

    *arp intro intensifies*

    • Francisco DeTonne Hate to tell you, but there won’t be another anime. It honestly wasn’t as popular as you’d think, and mostly went unheard of by a lot in America. So outside of Japan, the series doesn’t do well, and is technically considered a failure to the anime industry to warrant another anime. The Ars Nova- Cadenza movie was it. As popular as Youjo Senki was with Tanya Degurechaff being a very liked character, even it isn’t getting a second season, but simply a movie also, as it’s also considered a failure in the eyes of the anime industry. And something like, Kagerou Daze / Mekakucity Actors was a huge failure in the US, yet it’s still doing well enough in Japan to continue. Though it’s all released locally in Japan.
      Anime isn’t as successful outside Japan as most would like to think it is due to pirating, and watching on illegal sites.

      So yeah, hate to bring you such despair, but there won’t be another anime adaptation. And the odds of another collaboration with WoWs, is unlikely unless there’s a huge gain for them in doing so. And I just don’t see it. Wargaming would gain more out of it, than anything. So yeah, I can’t see them investing time, money, or resources to do another collaboration.
      Though, I hope I’m fucking wrong. Cause I love ARP. And really wanted a Blu-ray of the anime. But didn’t get that. So WoWs is the only way to enjoy ARP content still.

    • Arp I-401 pls

    • @franciscio yes someone who understand arptakao best girl, i have all the arp ship from the arp event, just hoping they doing another one i still have iona with gunzo waiting to be use on subs lol

    • bring corrosive torpendoes ,klien field and supergravity cannon and i will play without a word which will never happen thoughXD

  11. Best event of the year gretings from colombia

  12. ガーニディア

    tentacle on a japanese warship? finally something obsolete.

  13. Love the update! But will it update thursday?? Im on holiday then and am visiting blyskawica!

  14. Apostolos Krystallis

    Ra Ra Rasputin lover of the Russian Queen, he got torped by a sub

  15. Why is this game chalk full of weeaboos

  16. アドミラルヒッパー

    Stalingrad Worcester:1ship of this type per team

  17. The one and the only thing I like is the 4 DD limit per match. Personally, I would like a 3 per match limit but with wargaming, I have to take what I can get.

    • Hmmm. I had no idea people were asking for a limit on DDs. I’ve been asking them to limit radar cruisers. I see the soft limit as an overall buff to DDs. You are really in danger then because there are less chances to spot enemy DDs by your own. The less DDs in a match the more opportunities good DD players have to dominate.

    • It should be a four DD minimum. DDs are designed to be cheap and plentiful.

    • +Catcrumbs with the minor difference that there not fucking invisible in real life

    • Who said anything about real life? They’re cheaper than other classes in the game and killing/losing one in Random battles has a lower points swing than the other classes.

    • that was not obvious in your comment before

  18. Dasha pulls some fairly harmless pranks on Aleona, Aleona responds by trying to drop an anchor on Dasha’s head. That seems fair and not at all psychopathic.

  19. Dasha, beautiful in red simply beautiful.

  20. Finally the ma ximun number of dds in randoms will be decreased, thank god!

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