Dasha Presents Update 0.7.11 | World of Warships

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The final part of British cycle is here! New collection, the next part of Halloween with brand new game mode and much-much more!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. They keep adding ships for steel, which is nearly impossible to acquire except for a short window. Wonderful!

    • +striker8paints that’s not due to the eco, but because you suck. even without premium you can easily make plus in all games. If you think not having premium is that bad, then you should probably improve your game. Yes, it may take longer to earn enough money, but that doesn’t make premium mandatory for engaging in ranked/CBs

    • boreas real oh, now I suck do I? You really have the fanboi itis going on, trying to prop up the game with the git gud BS. I’m an above average player for your information, one that has a life that doesn’t revolve around the game and don’t have the time or the desire to be one of the wannabe elite player like yourself! There are many others just like me but youre so deep in you own little WG worship bubble you can’t see it. YOU, and people like YOU, are a bigger problem than WG are!

    • +striker8paints for your information, i have 1.8k battles played in about 2.5 years. Does that sound like an elitist to you? it doesn’t for me. I am not a fanboy. There are tons of problmes with the game, but the things you are complaining about are not part of them. You should use your brain before you type, bullshit like that is the result, if you don’t.

    • boreas real Oh boy your a live one for a fanboi noob. No, you’re not one of the elite, youre a wannabe! A wannabe that keeps digging a hole without thinking like wannabe’s do when their pet game gets flogged. It just burns you to no end someone doesn’t take the GAME as seriously. Keep it up! You’ll help WG drive more of us filthy casuals out so you serious players can have the game to yourselves.

    • +striker8paints note that i am a casual too, i just have a working brain and my daily diet doesn’t consist of tide pods. If i weren’t a casual, i would have 10k battles by now, not 1.8k, i would join a clan that has more than two people and i would be a much better player. I also don’t want to be an elitist, nor am i a fanboy. like i said, there are tons of problems in the game, Steel, the removal of Musashi and Khronstadt in about two months or so and Carriers. I am very critical of everything what WG does, since i want this game to become better. Not everything WG does makes this game better. But there are some idiots, who see issues with the game, where there are none. DDs beeing overpowerd beeing one of them. Eco beeing another. You can make enough money to sustain a standard account and you don’t even have to be good at the game. If you have money issues, then you are clearly doing something wrong, since i never had money issues, regardless of my account status. If you are above average, wich you claim to be, you shouldn’t have any money issues. Then again, beeing above average is like saying, you don’t do drugs. It isn’t very meaningfull, since most players are shit at this game.

  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about the upcoming update?
    Are you prepared to fight on ships from the Twilight Fleet?

  3. 46 guineas, will got cossack this sunday. Man the grind is rough….

    Edit: 46 it is, I mistyped it

    • good luck, I didn’t get but 8 total so far… jeez
      but then again I play casual

    • There also may be an option to get some guineas in the Special tab in the Premium Shop. I bought 10 for 1 USD awhile ago….cuts down the grind a tiny bit.

    • ​+GhostMeteor That’s not logic, that’s a set of rules they invented to keep you playing. You see, all the dam events in the game where you can win something meaningful are based on a lot of grinding. That’s not even the bad thing. If you play well you grind faster, like in free xp ships.The problem is that all these new events, the directives, daily missions… it’s all focused on how much you play. They don’t give a shit about how well you do. You gonna get the same reward and at the same time as all other players that do it in time. Don’t you find boring AF that you are completing a mission that doesn’t take into account how good you play but rather how much you play? You play as many battles as you need to fill the bucket, it doesn’t matter how good you play because it’s timed. Then the “grand finale” they give “the chance” to their “most dedicated players” to win one more dime by playing as much as they can in a final “stretch”. The fact that there’s so many noobs in the game just comes as a great thing for WG as they will play a crap ton of battles to achieve the same.

    • +Zbriu yes I grinded for the Graf Spee, Kamikaze the rental of the USS Kidd (big deal) and a couple different T10s. No more…..too consuming. Fuck the Steel ships…I ain’t going to sit and play this game all day every day with a bunch of claners.

    • Welp at least I put my 2 hours in my week day starting from Thursday to grind one part. Because they open the 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th parts in Fri, Sat, and Sund, it will cost my time dealing with that mission.

      But again, that 1.5 million credits earning mission are so damn time consuming. Glad I have my musashi keeping my ass on time.

  4. Poor Anton

  5. Poor Anton, got caught in the catfight crossfire!

  6. Kenzor - Movieclips

    pretty disappointing update….

  7. They didnt mention the IJN buff sigmas eh

    • +azraelswrd where is it there? I can’t seem to find it…

    • Go to the game website, read the patch notes.

    • +OLDCONTEMPTABLE Click on the link I provided and scroll ALL the way down. Looks like all the dev blog proposed changes are going live in 0.7.11. RIP Yueyang, LOL

    • +azraelswrd I did, and elsewhere on the page, I pressed Ctrl F and found that the words “Sigma” “σ” “Sigmas” “blog” “portal” “notes” weren’t present, with “Accuracy” only showing up regarding the IJN heavy Cruisers. I did find that they massively nerfed the Yueyang and replaced AP with HE on many secondary batteries, but still no mention of it. What were the values mentioned, and for what ships? (this is bizarre…)


  9. Yeay another ship for steel which I can hardly earn as a non-clan player

    • Maybe I can steal the steel. Who is with me? We can call our group Oceans 10 – 4 =11. We just have to break in to a super clan and while they battle, we steal the steel. It is not like WG has steel police. If they did, they would be a bit rusty and need clan oil to move around. We can jam their radar with copper and use the tungsten to bore into the vault. I know a guy that has Dasha’s number and she can bring the drill, maybe some stuff that goes boom. We can have Alena be the distraction. If it gets hairy we can hide on that CV full of pinups. It would be nice to hang with Paddle Girl with or without shirt. We split the steel and no one will be wise to it. It is not like Phil or Phil read this. Right?

    • +Ashley Coward sounds like a plan ????

    • +Ghost You get some in the ranked games from time to time, but it’s not much.

    • I work evenings, so I can not participate in clan battles, despite being in a clan :/

    • I’ve been part of three different clans, I’ve yet to even see any of the other players out on the sea never mind participate in a clan battle, the only reason I stay in the clan is the small % buffs because of the buildings. I’ve got steel through the ranked battle system, but not much, I dunno if with the next season I will get the same I got 500 last season, if I get 500 every season I should be able to buy a ship in about 3 years

  10. Ahh the russians with their poisons, he must have been visiting salisbury

  11. Not really interested in anything except Jap cruisers buff and Alaska. 🙂
    (ibuki armour and dispersion is a pain)
    Also, another premium T10….
    It may not have premium advantages but I just don’t want T10 premiums in the game.

    • SecretIdentity truth be told all of the IJN cruisers have been nerffed as if it wasn’t bad enough that all other cruisers can hide behind Islands now you have to deal with no armor and shitty shooting in the IJN line

    • I like to kite in my cruisers. I don’t like the hiding behind islands playstyle.

  12. ships for steel! is nearly impossible to acquire, i am a non clan player.

    • +zandre hiraga I understand what you say, but i think is wrong and other ways to improve what you say. WG are making the same mistakes other games made, and people get tired and do not play the game more.
      Black Flint…, are rewards for good players and people with lots of time free to play.
      I and most of the players have to work to pay my life.
      I like a lot to play this game for now, but i play 100 batles in rank and not get 1 level, some games i did not help the team, others have too mutch kamikazes in my team. But is normal online play, and i am not a student with free time…
      But rewards for clan…
      In my opinion, I should not be force to be on Clan, and WG force us to, for get a ship!
      I understant Premium, sales get the company going and pay bills, no problem with that.
      Players that put in a lot of effort in clan battles should be reward getting special containers with flags premium time and ships free, they go to events, there are a lots of rewards!!!

    • +zandre hiraga Again, we differ on opinion. I think those ships should be very high cost coal ships instead of steel ships. By high price, I mean making the current T9 coal ships look cheap. Players who win competitive ranked would then get a lot of coal, and could either buy those high cost ships, or the normal coal ships.
      Players who aren’t competitive can still slowly save up coal to maybe get those ships in a couple years. Still obtainable for the average player, but most will buy other ships instead (I think).

      I do agree that steel serves the same role, but I don’t see anyone ever converting steel to coal, and steel ships really won’t be obtainable for the average player. If they don’t reach rank 1 or play clan battles, they just won’t get the ships. That’s my biggest problem, but not everyone sees that as a problem, and that’s fine.

    • +Mohenjo Daro “ships really won’t be obtainable for the average player”. This is the big problem. You play clan or you do not have a way to get the ship. Average player, medium player, suberb player, we all have the same rights, we all contribute to the game some way… Create a splecial ones, is say to the public, we like good players, but the rest.. hummm we have to take them so keep with this and play…
      Minotaur, anyone get it… but a good player evidense is clear when you play against it. For me the game do not need ships for few, the luck ones… need adjustment in Match Making, more balance players, not only Balance ships in Tire.

    • +Nuno Mangerona You can get steel from (normal) ranked battles. You don’t have to be in clans to get steel. I won’t be getting steel because I play for fun, so these ships will never reach my port. If they were sold for absurdly high coal prices, I could eventually unlock them.

      I feel like you missed half of my statement… Some players don’t see ships the average player will never get as a problem, other players do. I’m one of the players that does see that as a problem.

    • Tks, i know. I already have some for playing ranked battles. But for this ships and cost you have to play a clan to get it or you “die” before having the steal need! :(For me the game need more balance the players in M Making, and not only tiers ships. And ships for a few croud, i am not agree.

  13. So… now DD’s can kill us BB’s easier. (Now we have to wait 15-32 seconds to switch to HE and the DD will have probably already torped us and left while we were switching .) I think this just encourages HE spam…

    • +HowlingWolf518 ah HE spamming citadels yeah great ships they are

    • ​+Kazeshini Hasagi Sometimes HE, sometimes AP – a smart cruiser player can get some pretty nasty broadsides with 8-inchers. The entire point of the game is teamwork – BBs should help tank for the CAs in exchange for recon and flank attacks, instead of YOLOing into torp screens.

    • +HowlingWolf518 ye thats wat im talking but u can find more oxygen in space instead of good cruisers in this game

    • +Kazeshini Hasagi Ack, sorry. Thought you were a salty BB player last post – my bad. There’s definitely a general lack of skill (and lack of wanting to improve) in most public servers.

    • +HowlingWolf518 i main bbs i like cruisers too,but thats true

  14. Please make Musashi and Kronshdaht’s replacements available for free XP like Musashi and Kronshdaht were, rather than replacing them with steel/coal only ships

  15. Stop making high tier ships for clan players only. I’m a lonewolf and barely touch clan battle !

    • I_NAMELESS_I how about they fix tier 8 and higher matchmaker so people getting into a new tier 8 aren’t stuck in tier 10 games game after game after game and they give up on tier 8 and higher. I gave up on anything over tier 7 from that mess, and with most of my ships being 6’s and 7’s there isn’t much motivation left to play. There poor attempt at trying to shove me into clans and ranked doesn’t help in the slightest either!

  16. I am fed up with halloween event, so no thank you, I will not participate in twilight battle.

    • I agree! Seems like we’ve been playing Halloween Crap for 2 months now!!! I am sick of it also!!!

    • At least the sub battle is finally going away. I hated that.

    • Especially the sub event it sucked. Only played to get some extra capt points. The only one worth anything was the first one with the catapults although the new one is a definite step up from the second and third events. Again after all the hype for the subs was a major disappointment.

  17. You keep releasing ships for steel as a way of getting players into clans, I don’t agree with this and I’m sure a lot of other players don’t either. If we don’t play in a clan your asking us to grind hours and hours to be able to get the TierX ship.

  18. I wish Steel isn’t just Exclusive to Clan Battles!
    Which makes it Nigh-impossible to collect unless ur in a Clan!
    Even then there’s no guarantee that the Clan you enter is an active clan to begin with!

  19. So… they want more HE spamming battleship by making the AP shells more useless against destroyers? That sounds … like a good idea …

  20. Okay, Since you are STILL not getting the message WoWs…. Read the comments below, actually absorb the content. STOP ADDING STEEL ONLY SHIPS! I’ll go a step further and solve your problem for you in case you are incapable of making good business decisions. Make Steel and Coal interchangeable! Amazing, problem solved with one line of code! 1 Steel for 10 Coal can also go 10 Coal for 1 Steel! How have you not done this already to stem the hate? Now you can add in Steel only ships and not alienate your player base by making them unattainable for the majority of your players. Last piece of advice, release something about the Alaska soon. Either a still testing update, expected by date, or even that it still exists and is planned for release and don’t you dare make it a Steel only ship.

    Please make them listen. Make this comment the most liked on the channel!

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