Dasha Presents Update 0.7.4 [World of Warships]

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New matchmaker? Antiabuse system? Ranking Battles?
Dasha will tell all about it!

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  1. Hmmmmmmm yep she is still the most beautiful girl in the world

  2. Dasha is back 😀

  3. “Based on your feedback”

    *looks at midway*

    you mean Russian player’s feedback?

    • Let me tell you this. after this patch there is no 2/3/3 anymore. It becomes a 3/3/2.

      “At the same time, X Hakuryu Type 10 mod.2 flight control now contains 3 fighter squadrons, 3 torpedo bomber squadrons and 2 dive bomber squadrons with 4 planes in each one, instead of the previous 2-3-3 distribution, while her reserve now contains 18 fighters, 28 torpedo bombers and 22 dive bombers. These changes will place both carriers in similar positions in terms of combat efficiency regardless of how long a battle lasts.” to be read here https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/update-074/

      So Midways fighters, are now always at a numerical disadvantage. That is what my post wants to say.

      You now have 4/2/2 and 3/3/2 setups against you. There will always be a fighter squad free to strafe or support a dogfight. This is what the new Midway needs to go up against and I dont know if she is still up for the job.

    • And I see more and more AA skilled, Minos, Neptunes, Gearings, Fletchers etc that just want to rip your planes apart and you cant even see them. Midway is “favored” in Strafes? At this Tier just one strafe has to hit right and you one fighter squad is out of the Battle, while haku still has two. Greater speed means also greater speed in strafes, giving Midways fighters even less time to dodge.

      The Midway captain now needs more skill, timing and understanding of strafes to come out on top of dogfights and strafe dances. If both players have the same level of skill, the most of the Advantages are now in hakus corner.

      And even just 3kn make a difference in redeployment time and she can now choose the battlefield because once Midway is committed to that fight, her fighters cant pull out, while Hakus fighters can outrun the strafe.

    • +Andreas Müller – I am neither a BB player or a CV player. I just think they are broken as a class and have too much influence on the outcome of any given match. The game would be better off without them at this stage.

      I’m more annoyed by the 30% win rate noobs that seem to gravitate towards CVs and ruin my games.

      Call me a noob if ye want to. My stats are on the internet for everyone to see. I have nothing to hide.

    • +jordan rea – …and your in-game name is what exactly? So I can have a look at your stats. Since you brought up the subject.

    • Of course. Balancing in 99 percent is based on russian playera opinion. Unfortunately

  4. I want to torpedo Dasha below the water line..

  5. I lost count how many times they nerfed Midway.

    • If you look at plane stats. Plane for plane. The ijn has the faster at t10 more hull per plane and even fighter damage. Also if you look. The midway fighters are t9. The torps t8. The ijn are all t10. I always thought the ijn t10 cv was better. Yes it had less planes. But that to me was just balance. The midway needs more planes. Coz they all have less survivability.

    • if nobody plays bbs then cvs would have an even tougher job. the reason why battleships went away was because of aircraft carriers like the taiho and the midway! it’s going to be nearly impossible to counter bbs vs CVs because CVs are the hard counter to battleships! that’s why bbs need support but when you see 4+ bbs on the enemy team that’s when the CV captain starts to salivate!

    • cvs are the hard counter to battleships. that’s why they no longer build battleships. i think having battleships and aircraft carriers is what gives this game spice and makes it worth playing. if they got rid of planes the game would get stale after a while or just another game would show up with CVs and people would probably switch to that.

    • wino0000006 In SEA, many people still brought AA spec ships even there are no CV. And fletcher is more annoying than DM and Mino here.

    • 兄竜 [Big Brother Ryuu]

      what’s sad about fighter vs fighter engagements, is, its all RNG based, only fighter play not based on RNG are straifs, so, tbh. It’s all a Fing joke, when they claim “it’s for ballance, based on statistics” what it really translates to is “we rolled the dice and decided this number was fair, and the magic 8 ball confirmed it, and the ouija board said yes”

  6. Shadow Of The Night

    Our princess is back !

  7. Hey der song am Anfang kommt von IBali “hände nach hoch”

  8. Immanuel Gilveneli Agnes

    also add where you have a choice to change the national flag of japan to the rising sun flag

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Clearly you havan’t read my comment properly have you? There is the Buddhist Swastika which is a thousand years old – and the Nazi Swastika also known as Hakenkreuz (which is German for Swastika) which was invented by people within the Nazi party, by which was derived from the Buddhist Swastika. Clearly the difference between the 2 is that the Hakenkreuz was for Fascism and Nationalism eventually resulted to the Holocaust while the other remained as a religious symbol promoting good luck – which it was suppose to be.

    • I did read the comment and i understand what you are trying to say. My point is the Buddhist swastika is more than a thousand years old. The Hakenkruez was used in Germany before the Nazi party adopted it they did not invent it. Many European nations also used the swastika symbol prior to the Nazi party, The swastika didn’t just result in the holocaust it resulted in world war 2 in which the holocaust occurred.

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      sub ohm well of course it also resulted in sparking ww2. No need to point out the obvious, assuming as if I do not know – considering this game is time lined from 1900 to the end of ww2. I specified the holocaust as I was relating as to why the Nazi Hakencruez is banned worldwide from my previous comments. Other than that, it is true that the Swastika (spinning counter clockwise) did exist well before the Germans snatched it. I stand corrected.

    • It wasn’t about correcting you it was the context The Imperial Japanese flag wasn’t older than the swastika and is still used today by the Japanese navy. The Japanese committed many atrocities and you seem to be defending their right to use the rising sun as they had used it in the army from 1870 and the IJN from 1889

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Personally I don’t mind the use of the Rising Sun – as there are many double standards that fly off with it – which I have stated in the previous post. Plus it symbolises – Japan’s past and its atrocities in ww2 – which is a must for them to remember – in order to prevent history from repeating itself. But I honestly don’t think it should be in game – considering how the Chinese flared up badly to WG with the Pan Asian DDs – after getting SEVERELY triggered with Taiwanese ships in it.

  9. Dasha is always worthy of a like<3 That other presenter was pretty, but Dasha is the Queen of the Seas!

  10. That Midway nerf is so gay Dasha turned lesbian

  11. 이민수PhiKNighT



  12. I tried to warn you but you didnt listen to me.. now check how midway will perform against hakuryu in ranked. but oh wait.. there will be no midways anyway

    • I mean its a shame in a game that you put so much effort to improve it, to make so bad balance changes. Sorry wargaming but i still dont approve the Midway changes,also now agaisnt 3 fighters (or more) you will be forced to play passive. and passive gameplay usually brings more loses

    • without the hakuryu heavy buff, the changes would have been barely acceptable…but now this is totally broken. T10 planes is the MINIMUM now

  13. I have been grinding US CVs for a year just to get to Midway and now Midway is being nerfed.
    So Midway will now have less planes and shittier planes than Hakuryu?

  14. Where is FLAMU?.?

    • +George Myers | *” He calls it like it is”* That’s also what Trumpanzees say about Trump.

    • +Anjayl – Except it’s easy to prove when Trump is lying. As in he says something, then 5 mins later turns around and says he didn’t say it. Even though the video evidence and tweets are still public for everybody to see.

      How is that the same thing?

      Honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you were a Trump supporter with a stupid comment like that.

    • Bran Tse Mallory 6:26 behind Notser. There is the King Potaito <3

    • Probably still yelling at weekend players for ruining his games lol

    • So we are talking about WoW and you bring up politics. You must be one sad person if you have to associate Trump or anyone else in politics with a game. I would say people like you are funny, but your life must be really sad. Like the way you refer to people that support Trump as “Trumpanzees”, show’s how simple minded you are.

  15. World of Warships Official Channel

    So, new update is coming soon!
    Are you excited for new rank battles?

  16. Just Another Gaming Site


    That’s me on 6:27, 6:36 ,6:39 ! WE FAMOUS! CC FTW

  17. 6:26 YURO!!!!!

  18. You balanced Midway off the Russian server, not every other server……

  19. I feel like there is something wrong..

    we get a buff on IJN DD..

    • I know right, you would have expected another increase in torpedo detection or longer reload for IJN DDs but no, we actually got a buff…


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