Dasha Presents Update 0.7.5 | World of Warships

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Get on the hype train new American Cycle with Dasha! New campaign, collection, unique commander, and much more!

Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website!

Correction: Azur Lane was created by Chinese developers Manjuu & Yongshi. The statement regarding the game coming from involves our negotiations with the Japanese publisher of the game. We’re sorry for this mistake.


  1. That tilted captain’s hat! Haha 😀

  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    More cute costumes for Dasha, right?:)
    What do you think about new update? What are you waiting for the most?

    • Update? I’m only here for Dasha. 😀

    • To me, it’s not just the cute costumes. i think dasha is looking great right now. I think she must of had a makeover or a new makeup artist or something along those lines. I say this because she’s looking good. REAL GOOD!!! Thats not to say she ever looked bad. To me Dasha was always very easy on the eyes, just now she looks really really good.

    • Please don’t slut shame your sexualised employees. It’s 2018.

    • we need dasha with subtitle and no talking over her. thanks

    • I’m glad the cruiser split is finally happening. But for the heavy cruisers, rather than adding the never-built Buffalo, I would have preferred to see the Wichita slipped in, up one tier from the New Orleans. You had it beautifully rendered in your USS Massachusetts Legends video, why not use it?

  3. MERICA FUCK YEA ??????????

  4. Who will have their Cleveland move up to Tier 8? I will!

  5. This game just keeps being better and better!

  6. Dasha you look perfect?

  7. Dasha is so hot in that captain outfit.

  8. Great update ,you went in the right direction with adding the new ribbon ,in the next update make new achievments to encourage the correct play style of the diferent classes of ships.

    • What will be the achievement for battleships who sit on the edge of the map talking shit to the rest of their team?

    • None they wont take any achievmnets for this ,the bbs who are going into the battle and tank damege for their team will be rewarded with achievmnets like tank damege :1mil ,2mil, 3mill and so on.also ships firing at you at the same time dreadnaught but you dont need to survive to achieve this one just take 120% dmg your total HP and this sort of things for bbs.

    • sounds good as long as it won’t be rewarded for yolo rushes. 120% could be achieved by rushing in, pop a heal and die within 3 minutes. so the survival time must be taken into consideration. other than that I agree that active BB play needs to be rewarded and the reward must be clearly visible.

    • Then increase it to 140%-150%

    • Well, they could get the achievement “Hides behind children” to show off to the battleship camping society!

  9. this looks like very good patch directions of the target and spotting rewards are great addition just hope the spotting will add to XP as well

  10. So many questions…
    Indianapolis Marathon?
    What are the chances of actually getting a premium ship from the containers?
    What about getting “the updated Cleveland” from the crates?
    USS Cleveland was sporting a number of different camouflages…what about them?
    Can you earn any of the Azur Lane stuff? Is the Nelson captain the only one you can earn?
    What was that ending?
    What is Dasha’s costume budget?

  11. i came for the update.. i stayed for Dasha

  12. Omg, Dasha in white uniform looks amazing!

  13. japanese mobile game? wut? they bought it from the chinese? xD

    • +1. How is it based on japanese game? I can “play” it. On the japanese it’s all automated RNG, you do nothing.

    • Cardiv 5 Zuikaku

      I prefer AL if the gameplay, i mean seriously, 5 time sortie at 3-1 on KC only 1 time reach boss.

      But i prefer KC if it IJN shipgirl CG, also Purintsu

    • Layla Azure KanColle actually does have a mobile version….

    • you can play kancolle on Android phone…I’ve been doing this for quite a while already.

    • I play both kancolle and azur lane, and in my opinion, AL has more gameplay than KC, KC is like a resource management and pray to RNGesus not to sink yer shipgirl

  14. _I can permit the hat at our wedding_

  15. No KanColle for now :'(

  16. So does Halsey have a special perk?

    – your ship will be locked in heading towards the 1st enemy carrier you see
    – team radio no longer applies to you

    • The world wonders…

    • Oh sounds like you’ve got a story to share about this Captain, do tell

    • He is no captain…he is an ADMIRAL.

      And if you asked that… then i take it you don’t know about Battle of Samar, i recommend you read up about it… it will be a good read about one of the most lopsided battle in USN history with one of the largest casualty which was caused in large part because of Halsey.

    • Alistair Jephte Caseñas

      Preferred Enemy: IJN.

      After all: “Before we’re through with them, the Japanese language will only be spoken in Hell.”

  17. That like/dislike ratio is stellar!
    Hope World of Tanks will end up like this too one day~

    • Left World of Tanks to start playing this game, and with the recent awful development decisions made in WOT I am more than happy to simply stay with Warships.

    • It is hard to believe that WOT and WOWS are both made by the same company…
      I think WOWS is so much better as the developers are better now and have more experience. They also don’t have to deal with years of problems they made when they were less skilled…
      And the community in WOWS is far less toxic…

    • Tigershark232
      IKR! Not to mention the community here seems to be way more mature as well, unlike WOT’s community which may largely consist of ungrateful, Russian 12yo that provoke a lack of motivation for the dev team.

    • Micheal Spicer, WOT is too far down its path to change that much…
      They could salvage WOWP because it was given up on so quickly and no one cared but too many people and resources have been invested into WOT to do the same…

    • @Tigershark232 agree, that’s the biggest issue with WoT, the toxic community. Dasha looks amazing! Whatever happened to that large rock she use to wear on her left hand?


    Distinguish from the Japanese, and a nice American Blue dispensing of freedom. :3

  19. I would like to hit Dasha’s Citadel below the waterline!

  20. Ship vector is great.

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