Dasha Presents Update 0.7.8 | World of Warships

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How do we plan to celebrate 3rd Birthday? New port, new collection, new ships, and much-much more!

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  1. Last time I was this early, Gremyashchy was still up for pre-order. 😉

    Jokes aside, really looking forward to Kitakaze and Harugumo. ^-^

    • I’m not Russian, yet I still would really like to see more Soviet ships, so clearly it’s not just Russians.

    • Are you a WG employee? Most of the Premiums are Russian along with multiple CA and DD lines. How about we just do away with everything that isn’t Russian? =) I suppose WOT doesn’t have enough Russian tanks either?

    • I’m British, nothing to do with Wargaming. In fact I have far more hours on War Thunder than Wargaming’s games. I’m perfectly happy to see non-Soviet vehicles, as I stated in my original comment, I am very excited for Kitakaze and Harugumo.

      But I strongly dislike when a persons only complaints about something being added are “BUT IT’S SOVIET SO BIAS”. And I don’t think “but it’s Soviet” is a good reason to not add a vehicle.

      There is one Soviet cruiser line, and a one Soviet DD line with a partial split later on. That’s just over 2 lines. The US tech tree on the other hand has a total of 5 lines now, as does Japan. So I don’t really see “too many” Soviet vessels.

    • More ships the better. I just wish more time and energy went into other nations. It would benefit them financially to do so, so I have no answer why they don’t. Assumption is Russians are stubborn and are perfecting their favorite national line before bothering with anyone else’s. If you’ve ever worked with a Russian corporate partner, this behavior is pretty common regardless of the industry.

    • Big picture to history fans like myself, (and I believe this game has many…) US should have the most ships after 1905. (Tier Two though 10) Britain should have the second most. Japan third. France fourth but* much less success in achievement (should bump them down the list) Then Germany, Russia would be after Italy, Austria (before 1918) and Holland (after 1918) Spain up to 1898 and then a good size fleet around and after WW2. Ottoman Turks who fought major sea battles with Greece, Bulgaria and Romania. The Scandinavian countries and much of the British commonwealth countries deserve their own lines. (Canada, Australia South Africa, NZ) Poland is an after thought though I am glad they did introduce a historical ship. Norway operated a much more significant fleet in exile. Portugal always had a strong fleet but managed never to fight anyone. Probably to their advantage. A combined Portugal/Brazil line would make sense for the game. China had two German made battleships they used to fight the Japanese in one of the largest ship to ship battles in history. They were slaughtered, but it still seals them into history for making a stand. All the other Asian lines are really post-ww2 which places them awkwardly into the tier system just like the Chinese are in WOT. They really shouldn’t be there, but Asia is a big money market and they ain’t passing it up. Only Nationalist China had a fleet (Taiwan) Vietnam would be French ships, Indonesia Dutch and so on.

  2. *_Here for only one reason_*

  3. Melonic Randomizer

    Can you get the halloween captains from arsenal also or just the space captains?

  4. Wargaming actually listened to our pleas?! Captain Dasha Perova!

  5. StronK =)

  6. World of Warships Official Channel

    What to do you think about the upcoming update?
    Are you ready to celebrate?:)

  7. Nice update, but:
    Disappointed Stalingrad is not AP only
    French cruisers can indeed use some love (but I did like them already), what makes absolutely no sense is the stupid Henry IV’s legendary upgrade being placed on slot 5, move it to slot 6 and it might be interesting, but on 5th making impossible to either dodge or hide makes the cruiser a useless behind-the-rock HE spammer which goes against the whole branch kitting style…

    • If you are having trouble kiting with 15km detection in a 20.6km HIV, you are doing it wrong.

    • Christopher Dunn  Your right, not like once you fire the guns you detection will be 20.6 but you won’t be able dodge as much…which was his point.

    • +Bill Writer yes, that is my point. The current legendary upgrade is contradictory, compared to the whole branch and moreover, when the current meta is for every BB to be full stealth, being spotted from the moon (and that without firing, when firing, from Jupiter), with kinda lazy rudder; is not fun, and makes the sit-behind-rock the only reasonable way of making use of the increase on RoF given by the legendary upgrade plus the current main battery 3M upgrade. Because, once again, the legendary upgrade currently forces you to take the improved RoF upgrade on the 3M as taking yet another range upgrade would be too much overkill, and hence, rather fast firing guns, with slowed down turrets, bad rudder and horrible concealment, makes the ship a gun platform to be positioned behind islands; not anymore a kiting cruiser.

      So yes, I do think the current legendary upgrade for the Henry IV is complete bullshit.

      Move it to the sixth slot and there would be much greater flexibility and variety.

    • Eduardo Elipe  Yeah of all of the legendary upgrade maybe a handful are worth it.

  8. The beautiful Dasha strikes again.. is it me or does she become more beautiful every time she make a new video.. and yes 7.8 is going to be awesome!!!

  9. *Finally, Russian Battleships…*

  10. About damn time there’s a ui scaling option. Hope it works in 4k cause the text is tiny in-game on my tv

  11. Excited about the upscaling UI feature among other things of course.

  12. how about tier 6 or 7 ranked for a change?

    • T7 is the most broken of all tiers.. I think t8 till 15 then t10 till wolf and t5 is pretty fair and wide spread

    • Belfast is easier to deal with now with my atlanta if I stay op and can spam them hard.. my Mass is gonna smash t8 ranked Good luck German BB dick riders this year cause ill break ur bis and anyone leaving faith in tirpitz gl to you aswell vs my secondaries cant wait!

    • T6 ranked? Hmm, so you want fresh potatoes that just got their T6s and make you lose hair and faith in teams in wows.

    • i still prefer T8 by FAR

    • Shiratsyu was pretty annoying too at the time.. But it was Belfast, Flint,, Fiji just made it too much of a smoke game

  13. Is it my eyes or is Dasha a bit tan? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  14. so we get a Wows spokeswoman as a captain and some space mombo jumbo , and they still cant put Jingles as a captain ? 🙁

  15. So tired of TX being the only thing WG wants us to play, come in we just got done with clan battle. How about some change WG.

  16. maybe add some animated ports where ships always sail and you can sit back and enjoy the view 😀

  17. I don’t like this focus on T10s.

    They are not fun to play, they cost a fortune to use and alot of players still don’t have them. It’s like saying: “If you haven’t played for at least a year and can’t afford to pay, you can’t be here.”

    • +Shut up and touch my Spaghet wow some people cant sit on their asses for a game 5 hrs a day.

    • I got my first tier 10, Moskva, in less than 2 months. It doesn’t take a year.

    • Shut up and touch my Spaghet I had the game for nearly 3 years and still don’t have a t10 mainly because of money. unless you have tirpitz (I do so what…) you just don’t earn enough money in t9 or t10 matches even if you are “mediocre”. my stats are just above average so I am no potato either at least not in that sense. there is no doubt that even with premium you don’t earn enough unless medals and at least 200k damage a game. and that doesn’t take in to account that your team must be good and given how people still seem to play like absolute pansies won’t change soon and costs us money

    • +Duck McScrooge ive been playing for about 3 years as well and have zero t10. Although that’s only because i don’t finish the tree before moving onto another. 90% of my ships are t7 and above but still. I think at one point I wanted to get most my ships to at least tier 5 and one by one move onto the next, hence why I have no t10s.

    • +Duck McScrooge I don’t because I keep 98% of my ships and play them all with dedicated captains. I go through all the ships of a nation, then to the next. Never get bored that way. Play the not so good ships as well as the good.

  18. I wonder if War gaming understands how much the amazing Dasha has contributed to the hype and general atmosphere of this community. One can imagine this game might have never achieved its current level of activity without her. I hope she’s well compensated.

    • Only to single guys with no lives who wank over her.Most normal guys have girlfriends or wives. Dont give a shit about her . Sorry it is a fact.

    • Maybe you’d be happier if they put a guy for you to look at then?

    • +William Wallace not really I have a wife . Plus let’s be honest she is not hot. If you think she is hot . You need to go outside. Better looking woman walking the street every day. Hey if you have the hots for a woman who will never look at you. Guess that is your thing.

    • I’m pretty sure they could find a guy you’d like.

  19. Pewterschmidt23 Lord

    It sucks that in need a tier10 to play ranked pretty much

    • Not really, t10 isnt that hard to achieve and you really shouldn’t be in ranked especially if ur to green to not have a t10

    • Shut up and touch my Spaghet

      Tier 10 is only hard to achieve for potato players. They need serval weeks or even months with their deep red average XPs.

      But thats imo a filter for ranked thats actually woking as intended. Its annoying enough, that bad players ruin the random battles without bothering to self-improve, but its even more annoying when they do that in ranked.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Not really. I got my first T10 (Minotaur) in 8 months only (play about 3 hours/day). At the same 8 months I also unlocked 2 T9 ships with the other lines reached T5-8.

    • I don’t have a ten because it’s too boring to grind up one line.

    • Tony Weisenburger

      some of the tier 9s are just not fun to play. but for the most part, you just have to play the games. or free XP past a bad ship *cough*ibuki*cough*

      the only person stopping you from having a tier 10 ship is you.

  20. 4:20 “the tenth ranked season is the same boring shit as last time”

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