Dasha Presents Update 0.8.0 | World of Warships

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Let us introduce the first of the year! Carriers redesign, new rank battles. new game event “! Strike! Win!”, Naval Battle and much-much more!

Keep an eye out on the official website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about this Update?
    Ready to fly and throw bombs on your enemies?:)

    • Your delusional… nothing was fixed… spotting wasn’t fixed…more carriers and planes than before with unlimited usage…. have you been in a tier 10 game yet??? Ask the dedicated DD players what they think. The old system could have been fixed. This change was so that it could be used on a console system. Pure and simple. Carriers are as important as they were before. Crappy player as your CV driver?? You’ve lost the game. +Horacio Fernandez

    • Para mi, esta actualización es basura, solo empeoró la dinámica ya bastante devaluada del juego.

    • +MR_SHADES 1 Nope. I just follow their youtube channel and read the EU forums.

    • +MR_SHADES 1 … tbh i haven’t tried the update yet. However its imo a little early to trash this game-play change as a dealbraker as Antony puts it.
      Until now i only saw player vs bot games, and we all know how “efficient” bots are … And if there’s re-balancing to be done, am pretty sure that WoWs will make them.
      As for the “infinite plane”, I dont have issues with that per se. On the old system I sometimes ended up with no planes some 2/3 into the game. Also, from what I saw in the gameplays, you can only have 1 squadron flying anytime. That also limits the CV’s powers as the clock is ticking.

    • +jamc666 yeah you are right , i also havent played yet


  3. 5th.!

    Also rip musashi players

    • Yeah xD my best credit grinder T^T

      Buuuut I still have an Atlanta in my port huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue

    • Yeah and i just got her recently…
      Guess the AA is gonna be even worse against the new aircrafts

    • Right now it looks like DP heavy cruisers will be worse off, since ranges no longer overlap. (Despite how WG specifically said USN ships would retain their specialized role as strong AA ships and now many of them are ending up worse than other classes or lines – i.e. some of the IJN battleships actually have more effective AA compared to the USN counterpart because they have no short range aa guns and their medium range aa extends all the way to the ship)

  4. I like the RTS model but look forward to trying this change.

  5. But why remove a portion of the carriers?

  6. 1 word – Alaska ?

    • +Worthless Peon Lol. Whatever rocks your boat.

    • +CloneD Anon Yea i expect so as well , she is mentioned in the patch notes as coming soon but you would of thought they wouldnt have removed the other 2 until their replacement was ready

    • +JWA79 their priority was to get Mushi and Kron off the market because apparently there are too many of them out there (yeah sure, let’s see how common they are once ppl start using TX CV’s. It will be a reenactment of Operation Ten-Go, lol). So once the market is flooded with Alaska’s and JB’s (which have way better AA) they will get pulled too. Probably have a year (or less) before that happens so save up if you want them before they’re gone to the supercontainers and RNGesus.

    • +azraelswrd Already have them all , Nelson included thats why I’m so anxious to get my hands on the Alaska and yea i wont be in any rush to take out my Musashi when every match has at least 2 CV’s in it

    • Soon (TM) just like it always has been. Its absence is just going to cause an even stronger mismatch in T9 ranked between Kron and the other T9 cruisers for people who either didn’t want to get Kron or were waiting for the CV refunds to get Alaska.

      With this patch being dedicated to the CV rework one could argue they’ll push Alaska to 8.1, but that is dedicated to the release of the UK CV line, so watch Alaska will get pushed back even more.

  7. WHERE IS ALASKA???? “Near future…” bs

    • +Solomani I doubt that. I do think people will get bored of playing CVs after a while and just go back to BBs, CL/CAs and DDs. Then, there will be the same amount of people playing CVs as there is now. It’s a major change and WG will continue to balance it out as it goes.

    • +CloneD Anon CV not important any more.One squad and gimmick fighters?Any noob can play that and kill the random games…Because people will play cv more everyone will need to speck for AA and loose other skills more important.

    • Hardav bruh we’ve been waiting for the Italian battleships for so long now don’t even cry about that lol

    • Surprising since she was announced as being released in 8.0 with its update date, and then was pushed back a week (before the update was postponed, but many seen to think the postponed update is why Alaska was also postponed since it has to come with an update). 8.1 is supposed to be the UK carrier line, so the argument of releasing a new line now pushing Alaska back an update won’t work for that either. Especially with Alaska not being available with the start of T9 ranked, I have a feeling you’re going to be seeing even more mismatch between Kron and other T9 cruisers for the people that don’t want to get Kron and were waiting to get Alaska in the new patch (like me).

    • +Terje Løvø They did the same thing for T-61 for a while. We only got T-61 2 years after she was announced

  8. Insert Year of the CV Joke here

  9. Not looking forward to the CV rework. Hope it does not turn out to be a mess.

  10. Yay Dasha 🙂 Let’s sink emm

  11. のんびりポチマロ

    I want to use Hiryu……Will the day come us which we can play her?

  12. What utter BS. The dev blog a few weeks ago said alaska was finished and would be in the game soon. And still no alaska. This is really pissing me off. You people need to stop dragging your feet.

    • they let the hype creep its way on us

    • +Hanimichal 1 million free XP is easy to get, compared to how hard 750k was when the Missouri first came out. Another 250k is literally, a couple days of game play.

    • Ken’s Channel And the reason (directly from WG) that they set 750k as the price tag for a T9 freemium was because that was the average cost in xp to get from t1 in any line to t9, not necessarily because it was difficult for people to get (even though it has gotten easier). Even with premium and running all of the free xp boosts you can (which is more difficult since you can’t buy the dragon flags), getting hundreds of thousands of free xp a day is unrealistic for people that don’t literally spend 20 hours a day playing.

    • +MidnightPhoenix07 Just a point, you can buy Dragon, Oroborus, Wyvern, etc in the Yamamoto, American Cruiser and British Containers. Yes…Players that don’t have high skill level, or don’t play as often of course will find getting 1 million Free XP difficult…my point is…if it bothers them that it’s harder…it’s possible to get it faster. For competitive players, another 250k is literally 2 nights of playing after work.

    • Ken’s Channel I did not know that you can get dragon flags in the containers (I’m assuming you’re talking about the ones in the arsenal). That being said, you still need to buy them for coal and for the average person they’re probably going to want to save coal for ships or modules instead of spending them on containers). Even with taking several long breaks in between, I was pretty much able to grind the cost of Alaska and probably Nelson since Missouri was removed without premium time (except what was earned through missions or PTS rewards) and without stacking tons of free xp boosts or converting with doubloons, so it’s definitely possible to grind it out if you’re dedicated or have a certain level of skill.

      I still disagree with the increase in cost for several reasons, (WG setting a price for a reason and then confirming it when they lowered Musashi’s cost from, and being responsible for the large amounts of resources players are earning and hoarding _because_ of freemium ships that could get pulled without enough time to grind from scratch if you spent resources on something else), but it’s still doable if you try. If you have stockpiles of boosts and the skills to put out insanely high performance games consistently, you could probably get the extra 250k within a few days, but neither one of those necessarily applies to the average player who would be wanting to get a ship like Alaska or Musashi.

  13. Im just here for the hurt feelings! XD

  14. Oh my god, she’s beautiful

  15. Removing some aircraft carriers was a mistake

    • Indeed.
      They should have removed them all

    • they plan to bring them back in a new carrier line.

    • +Feras great another one that thinks nyeeee the cvs are so op delete them, please play a cv instead of screaming

    • +Zocker 129 By no means are CVs overpowered. If you sail solo during a CV game you are a fool. And those people start crying. Thats all it is. But the game needs to be dumbed down to accommodate low IQ players. That is all it is. CV gameplay is very complex as it is. Now you get this arcade style play. Ha I wonder how long it will take before people start crying about infinite planes.

  16. Already sold all my destroyers.

    • +David Lmao, ive played WT for 5 years and now WoWS. There’s no convert XP in WT, you can research any vehicle/aircraft/ship with in their own lines with the extra XP you have, you dont need doubloons to retrain your captains in WT. WT has its flaws bt WG is far worse. Look at the bullshit premium ammos in WoT. WoT player base is dropping so damn hard right now and they are all moving over to WT. You can stay in your wonderland bro.

    • +Irfan Khalis of course this is all subject to opinion. We were talking about wows not wot. I agree pressing the 2 key for skill is stupid. That’s why I stopped playing wot. The economy is broken in wt. You forgot to mention you have to research 5 tanks/planes in that tier before you can get into the next tier level. Not just the tank/plane line you want. They also have some pretty strict community rules.

    • +David Regardless, there’s a reason why even WoWS is losing numbers. Once WT has full ship trees, WoWS will go the way of WoT as well.

    • +Irfan Khalis wows isnt losing numbers though. It’s not even leveled out yet. Do you have a source for wows player numbers? Wt peaked in 2016 and hasnt hit those numbers since. They however have stayed pretty level around 25,000 active players

    • +David
      Well im a noob in WT now..had my first games last night.
      Not bad at all actually!!

  17. Surprisingly, no one talks about concealment nerf…

    • +Nicolas Bercial LOL ???? you clearly didn’t get the thing. concealment expert skill will only gives 10 % more concealment to all classes of ships and planes now, so your asashio is still gonna be stealthier than a Kiev since they clearly dont have the same base concealment.

    • +Nicolas Bercial asashio base concealment is 6.6 km and Kiev 9 kms you will clearly have the same concealment at the end with capt and upgrades …..

    • Probably because WG knows their reason for changing it (so it isn’t an automatic pick in every build) won’t actually change anything. People will still pick it because concealment = survivability with the ability to pick engagements, it will just potentially cause people to be even less likely to push up than they were before.

    • Rip fuso conceal.

    • Adam Fandel oof

  18. 0.8.0 im ready…..
    ready for uninstall the game ……. lol

  19. Dasha in Chinese dress, and her powerful pose. I am melting.

  20. So now we have world of CV’s.. LOL… looking for a new game as we speak…………

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