Dasha Presents Update 0.8.1 | World of Warships

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New directives of “! Strike! Win!”, early access to Royal carriers, improvements of game mechanics and many-many more!

Update size: 1.3 GB

Keep an eye out on official World of website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new Update?
    Earn your crones and florins to get your new British Carriers!

    • I think the added rewards for killing high tier ships are a step in the right direction. But please fix the CV economy game. It’s oriented towards the old RTS style. Also, my clan bonus still doesn’t apply to CVs.

      Please make the fighter consumable more useful in its intended role by removing instances of fighters chasing planes *20 km from their spawn point* and make them react quicker to enemy planes. At the moment I can fly right through a CV’s fighter area and by the time they lock on I am out again, but in the instances where they do successfully lock on it’s instant death with no counterplay.

    • +Tyler Moore Changed several times already…its going well ;o)

    • +Diet Coke Gotta fly in a straight line….and then get obliterated by flak

    • World of warships Killed game play with the new CV controls I sold all mine after 2 game plays I play now in Co op so Shoot down 50 planes quest going to happen anytime soon Would of been better off leaving the CV they way it was

    • i dont even play air craft carriers.. or Destroyers for that matter 😉 but it sure sounds and looks good. both OP in my eyes. The Yorktown, Air Craft CArrier, took 7 torps and didnt sink.. not even close… think about that for a minute. 7, and it sits in Charleston, SC, Docked and open to the public.

  2. In a world with the seafire in it, you chose *those* things as an example of elegance in British aircraft design ?

    • +Tom Riley Yea I can’t argue that point it was a nice plane.

    • +seth Thomas During the latter half of the war, the Seafire saw increasing service as part of Britain’s contribution to the Far East Pacific campaigns, serving with No. 887 and 894 Squadrons, Fleet Air Arm, aboard HMS Indefatigable and joining the British Pacific Fleet late in 1944.As range quickly became a detrimental factor in Pacific operations, Seafires in this theatre were often fitted with additional fuel tanks previously used by Curtiss P-40 Warhawks. Due to their good high altitude performance and lack of ordnance-carrying capabilities (compared to the Hellcats and Corsairs of the Fleet) the Seafires were allocated the vital defensive duties of Combat Air Patrol (CAP) over the fleet. During May 1945, Seafires were used to cover the Allied landings at Rangoon for Operation Crimson. Seafires were thus heavily involved in countering the kamikaze attacks during the Okinawa landings and beyond. The Seafire was operational in the Pacific Fleet right up to VJ Day, being used off the coast of Japan during the final months of the war.

      The Seafires’ best day was 15 August 1945, shooting down eight attacking aircraft for one loss. During the campaign 887 NAS claimed 12 kills and 894 NAS claimed 10 kills (with two more claims earlier in 1944 over Norway). The top scoring Seafire pilot of the war was Sub-Lieutenant R.H. Reynolds DSC of 894, who claimed 4.5 air victories in 1944–5.

    • +zzirSnipzz1 I stand corrected

    • And that’s totally wrong, they served till the end of the war and beyond see the website armouredcarriers and the book they gave me a seafire

  3. achiilleas georgaras

    When can we see Russian BB gameplay???

  4. Where is HMS Ark Royal? I mean the 1937 one, not modern ones

  5. 3:32 that noob is afk, report

  6. Finaly british cvs even though im not britush XD

  7. Never mind. Alaska is out now. Read the patch notes.

  8. Premium tier VIII carrier should have been Ark Royal, but that’s just my opinion

  9. no Victorios? no Ark Royal?

  10. But still no fix for the cliant freezing or crashing.

  11. Galactic Research Initiative

    Why would I want a British CV when CVs have been nerfed into uselessness? The constant dps from ships mean it doesnt matter if you dodge the flak. CVs are useless.

    • +Duncecap64 wargaming scaling might be shit but if you make high tiers have less AA then they just get destroyed by high tier CV. The solution is changing wows to 2 queues rather than 3. I still don’t get why T8s see T10s 90% of the time. As it is, they have to scale T10 AA to deal with T10 planes so when T8 planes show up, they get destroyed because if T10 AA was lowered then they’d just be useless. It’s hard to balance with 3 tier systems. 2 tier systems still have the challenge of balancing odd tiers, but it’s much easier imo and T8s can stand up to many T9s more or less. T8S JUST DIE TO T10s in most situations.

    • +zandre hiraga again, this is something we have been saying in WOT for years, its not going to change sadly

    • yet everyone is still crying that theyre OP lol

    • I so far have only played T6 but even against T8 I can average an acceptable ammount of damage, around 40-50k. Sure, nothing to ride home about, but at least I won’t get killed right at the start like I do in my DDs.

    • Yeah they need to just make it +1/-1 MM spread for the CVs. Such a simple fix and would make tweaking all the other ships so much easier.

  12. early access to British CVs, just no. stop CVs. They are unbalanced as hell and you introduce NEW unbalanced CVs, GJ

    • +santiago perez being someone thats grinded to the Midway. The current iteration of CV is much more skill based. but you wouldnt know because you dont play them.

    • +AGENT47ist lmao what a tool you are.

    • +Tyler Moore you realise what unbalanced means right? Unbalanced literally does not care if a class is too weak or too strong. Simply out of balance, which is the case with CVs.
      CVs are unbalanced atm, but instead of balancing them correctly they introduce more, genius move from WG.

    • +Tyler Moore i had the hakuryuu, and also played the ¨rework¨ in the dev server, u can only call that ¨skill based¨ if plants vs zombis its an estrategy game for u. everything on it its braindead, its just press w, avoid enemy aa and click.

    • 兄竜 [Big Brother Ryuu]

      +Tyler Moore and how is my comment spoken like a casual if you may elaborate? Also I mentioned that the game is NOT made for a competitive or complex style of game play, which for me is 50/50 sometimes I want to be competitive other times I just want a game to casually play and F-off. I’m responding to a comment saying CVs require a brain, in which case I argue it doesn’t, the new system is more arcade like than the old one, in the RTS form there was huge unballance between spotting, plane stats (mostly between fighters) and plane to ship damage including the use of AP bombs being super OP against some ships and useless against others and finally AA(not to mention the glitchy interface). And that lead to the majority of player attrition of the class, not the game style. This new system is extremely dumbed down, only controlling one squad with now anemic damage output vs a single strike from the old system, the flak bursts are made more moot every time they move damage from flak to continuous damage, making evasion more pointless. At times AA dps is so stupid strong your entire attack wave can get rekt before dropping the first set of bombs, so DDs became a target, now people bitched that CVs we’re op against DDs so that aspect of the CV got hit with multiple nerfs, including an overall air detection nerf, in my opinion each ship in the game should have the ability to fight every other class in the game, HOWEVER, some classes should be easier to fight than others depending on what class you are running. Another thing with CVs you have to sacrifice a strike in the event you ever need to manually manuver your CV, unlike the old system, for example Hakuryu, which had about 9 objects that needed your attention at any given time, but, oh wait, you get to play a more simplified version of WoWp now, it requires more skill you say, how about making a detailed counter argument vs name calling like an idiot. And yes CVs are still unballance and in my opinion heavily incomplete if they want to go with this style, but, that would just add complexity to the ship class, which would counter their argument about the skill gap being too large from competitive players (which isn’t very many statisticly) vs casuals.

      Edit: a couple of typo fixes, good ol’ autocarrot

  13. Hi WG. I used to be a huge fan of your game. I did spend about 3 to 4 hours a day on your game.
    But you have destroyed the whole game for me. I now might play 5 to 10 matches a week. I don’t recognize my ship’s anymore. The strengths of some ships are gone.
    So I will now simply take a brake from your game. And yes I have about 20 primium ship’s in port and lot’s of dubloons but you don’t get anything more from me. I say goodbye for now.

    • +rangerh81 let me make it clear, I am Not fanboying this game, it has its flaws which I am too aware of, and honestly what they do with their money is their business not for you to judge, even if you know their reasons, so you have asked for constructive criticism here it is, Adapt to the game, play another class of ship like cruisers or BB, if not, please find another game to play don’t ruin the experience for others who want to enjoy the game.

    • +Riker Keyes You’re asking for people not to ruin the experience however all he did was complain under a youtube video, in no way it affected you nor you needed to answer…

      Also I am still playing this game as I ever did since the closed beta, I don’t really care that the meta is changing or anything but I can clearly see that the number of players who are disappointed is growing.

    • +rangerh81 so let me them go, why should you concern yourself with them? They don’t owe the game, and neither does he, if he wants to go, then let them go, no one is entitled.

    • +Riker Keyes My point in this argument is that even if I am not personaly bothered by the game state, we should listen carefuly to these veteran players who are leaving because it is a great loss when the community splits like that.

    • +rangerh81 so let them go, there is nothing to listen to, except complaints which give no solutions what so ever, the game changes with every patch and this is no different, if they think WG is going to cater to them, then they should just leave, they are more ppl who want to enjoy the game..

  14. WG 0:41 what could be better than getting acquinted with new ships?
    Players and CC: balancing existing ships

  15. LMFAO How the hell do you have the guts to make a big display of releasing , in early access, the RN CVs after the HUE fiasco of the CV rework, as all the community was pointing out during the whole private and public test… Seriously, WHO THE hell is gonna even try this new branch with the underwhelming state in which you have left the game, and the CVs, with the hammer nerfs on the live server after the rleease of 0.8.0 ???


    BTW message for the game lead designer: Go “Nope” yourself, I am sure you know what this is about.

  16. アルカヨスノエル

    The game needs an indicator on the minimap when somebody types something on the chat. It’s frustrating whenever somebody chats and then I were like “Who said that?”

    • And a yellow detected indicator the size of a dime is not big enough or easy enough to see. Why not turn the ship orange or yellow when detected? You know, the one in the compass.

    • Ship name mod helps a lot with that, showing which ship said what by displaying it right above each message

    • Yes there are tons of mods to customize the UI. Look up Aslains WOWS Mod and make sure it is the updated version.

  17. I have loved the game for few years now but this last update has turned it into Atari version of world of warplanes SADDDDDD

  18. Thanks for the updates and cool stuff you add on… i have a complain .. fgix the problem with clan message box.. we cant see whos is in battle and who is not.. and on looking for divisions we cant see who of our clan mates are on division…also please make more visual appealing camos! especially for the permanent ones.. most of them are sooo bad … the ones that are nice in my opinion are the black ones for premium Bs and stalingrands white.. more effort on that please

  19. Pretty much gave up on this game because of CV’s. Pretty much wrecked the game for me. I want to drive ships not aircraft.

  20. Yeah, because after all the hairpulling during the CV rollout, what a Torpedo Boat Main player wants to see is a nerf to flooding mechanics. /sarcasm

    • +storm trooper so true

    • Planes cant spot torpedoes anymore, so in anyway they are ruining your game, jus equip smoke, when they come just smoke up, they will get tired of you when they cant see you

    • awwww you wont be able to just mindlessly spam torps all day. if you were smart youd realize this is going to cause More flooding damage, and people are going to be more willing to use their DeCon on fires leaving them open to flooding, and more willing to just take the flood damage longer then they normally would. think before you flap your cock holster lol. and DDs are WAY stronger than CVs btw.

    • +Tyler Moore This ^

    • +Tyler Moore that’s still very debatable, DD’S still get torp by a skilled CV player, one to the bow and one to the stern, and a DD is kissing the ocean floor.

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