Dasha Presents Update 0.8.10 | World of Warships

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The “Italian Cruisers: Part 2” event, new collection, new unique Italian Commander Luigi Sansonetti, new Ranked Battles Season, and maps that have been updated to incorporate the new lighting model!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. Captain Dasha Parova for coal when WG?

  2. 175k coal for Kuznetsof? I feel like that is not worth it…

    • Lucky I got mine free..

    • @Mark Lester good for you using that free xp on alaska, i use that on azuma ffs and i hate myself to this day

    • @Azariah Kyras Azuma is my first choice because I’m a type of player that snipes but not all the time. After I watched Yuro’s video I just realized the american gimmicks helps you more and american cruisers armor also helpful when bow on that is why I choose alaska. ( I was aware that japanese cruisers armor are paper made I played zao sometimes).

    • For 10 tier Kremlin , it last stand activated on 10k hp. So competent player can use his skill in almost any match.

    • does he come with 19pt? if less than that, I would keep my coals for thunderer instead

  3. Nice subtitles for outtakes again! You listened xD.

  4. Clashroyaler Dragon

    0:50 Did you notice that the bullets leave an Italian tricolor trail?
    Who made it must be really patriotic!??

  5. Twilight Battle mod is great. I took three permanent camouflages for Tier 8 to Tier 10. Thank you.

    Kutnezov price is too much. 175.000 Coal for a commander ? Also how much time he will stay in Armory?

    Besides, instead of coal, Why you are not giving special commanders via collections or campings?

    • That would be too easy. Gotta be for cash, or something only a vet would waste coal on, since they have everything you can get for coal already…
      i.e. greed and stupidity.

    • сука блять

      175k coal isnt enough for that retarded commander

    • Kutnezov is good. Too many people will get him if its lower than 100k coal. At least now for people who REALLY wants it can get it than can’t get it at all.

    • @Faisal MaTs He is most powerful commander in the game no doubt. But instead of Coal they could give all commanders via campings such as Halsey and Yamamoto.

  6. >3 players
    >3 yeams
    >help each others
    what you mean

  7. I want my jingles captain. When will i get it?

  8. wheres our jingles commander

  9. Evangeline Anovilis

    The Italians are making their presence felt? So far, this has been the ship line that has been most easily ignored.

    • The hype was very big at first, but when WG showed us that Italian cruisers are the worst ships in the game, nobody, not even me, was interested in those ships. That’s sad, I’ve waited 3 years for tech tree Italian ships, and we get this

    • And hit to the citadel

    • Alex Drahomaretskyi

      Evangeline Anovilis your wrong. Ive been waiting for the release of submarines since last halloween one year ago. Ive gotten so tired and mad of waiting im not playing the game until they come. Wargaming promised submarines and are now adding random shit to their game thats irrelivant. Submarines were ignored before that halloween and continue stalling

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      @Alex Drahomaretskyi And how does this make me wrong? Just because you wait for subs does not mean that Italians are now ships good enough that people have to actually care about them in battle.

    • Genova is garbage but the Trento isn’t bad.. they have to use different play styles or it would be pretty boring in game.

  10. Since we can only get pieces for the collection from the Italian crates does that mean we will all get screwed by only getting 80% duplicates. BAD MOVE WARGAMING

  11. “bots will be added in a more DIVERSE way” i wonder what that might be ?

  12. Italian Cruisers = complete trash

    dont bother researching them

  13. Ok now the destroyers, Italy has a full branch of his ow without inventing other ships, then maybe the bb’s

  14. Please, please, please let us hear Dasha’s voice. Subtitles are perfectly acceptable.

  15. When Luigi Sansonetti gets a devastating strike he says, “Vaffanculo! Get OFF MY SCREEN!”

  16. All of these updates coming to PC and I feel so left out over on Legends

  17. Bubba the lone Potato

    The Italian reload is still too slow. Anyway, When will the Dasha Captains speak English? With her accent it would be awesome. Nice belt. Bub_Zilla

  18. Double+ citadel = Jingles voice: “That’s gonna leave a mark.”
    Dev strike medal = Jingles laughing hysterically
    Ground the ship = Jingles voice: “Oh, bollox. Perfect Jingles landing.”

  19. My Tier V Genova is missing an Exhaust Smoke Generator!

  20. Can we have special captain “Francesco Schettino” please? 5% random reef ramming damage to own ship 😀 Ship repair cost plus 250%

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