Dasha Presents Update 0.8.3 | World of Warships

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Update 0.8.3 will start new Soviet cycle. New friendly competition “Victory”, early access to Soviet battleships, collaboration with Azur Lane and much-much more!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about the upcoming Update?
    Are you ready to fight for Honor or Glory in the Victory competition?:)

  2. Russia Naval Command: comrades we need battleships AS BIG AS RUSSIAN SOUL

    Design Bureau: SAY NO MORE, COMRADE

    • you mean rusted and OP because uncle Stalin, Putler will be angry?

    • TuckerLT surprisingly, the one ship in the branch that existed, the Soviet Union at tier 9, was a pretty competitive ship design with help from Italy. If completed lol. The rest is just biased blueprints.

    • To be honest, all of these Russian/Soviet BB were very excellent, but *cough* 1.8 RPM *cough* large turn radius.
      And FYI, out of 7 BBs in the line, only 3 of them were real. While one of them were fake and the rest were blueprint.

  3. YamatA… it’s YAMATO!

  4. Whenever they say “container can give you a combat mission” I have literally NEVER gotten one of those missions.

    • Jaylemagnifique Multiple WoWs youtubers and forums discussions, I got Graf Zep from my literal first and only premium CV container

    • +Timber_Wulf thx for the tip I’ll try it

    • I got the Hood from a mission from a container.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      So far, I have only received one mission drop from a container, for the Bretagne when French BBs were first added. Since then, every mission dropping crate has only dropped signals and camos despite me having none of the ships that could be dropped (none of the other French BBs, nothing from any of the RN DD or CV events, none of the premium carriers from the end of the fly strike win event). Yes WG wants to sell crates and they use the chance of a good drop to encourage purchases, but at the same time I see all of the YouTube and forum comments about players either getting all extremely good drops or all extremely bad drops and wonder if they’d sell more if more people were getting the rewards.

    • don’t worry, you will the tier 5 mission after opening 40 containers, i have ur back bro

  5. Russian bias update 😀

    • Tier 8 USSR battleship can now bow tank Yamato rounds at close range. Can also tank torpedoes from the bow and sides. AA for all USSR ships has been increased 200%. Until you learn of glorious USSR invincibility, buffs shall continue.

  6. When the german navy Comes to world of warships legends?

  7. Григорий Ефимович Распутин

    First it was Yamoto, now it’s Yamata. YA-MA-TOOO intensifies!

  8. can we please get the Italians in game soon? NOT premiums but a full line, and the Germans need some love in the game. Let’s have a new line for the Kriegsmarine 🙂

  9. But which update will get me the gnome overlord on the bridge of my ships?

  10. I think Dasha will cosplay one of the AZUR LANE before.

  11. Jesus Christ these voice overs have been pretty garbage lately, two videos in a row when they mispronounce Yamato.
    First it is Yamoto now it’s Yamata.

    How hard is it for them to say Ya-Ma-To. I can’t be that hard.

  12. Im still waiting for dasha to do a back flip in the end screen.

  13. I was gonna be angry about CVs in ranked but then I remembered I spam Midway

  14. I bet they still haven’t given GZ her stukas back.

  15. who else laughed when she said USSR and Justice in the same sentence

  16. Azur Lane ? Shut up and take my money

  17. I haven’t played in a few months now I hear that the azur lane event will be back I was like

    “It seems I have an excuse to continue playing”


  18. Please focus on balancing CVs and match making. Most battles have become lopsided blowouts with few lasting 20 minutes.

    • Totally. I really dont understand all the positive reactions to this update. There’s just new stuff getting added and nothing gets fixed. It’s just a complete shitshow!

    • +Curious Yep, after three years and 11,000 battles, I just want a balanced game and no longer care about new ships. A good number of my premium ships with weak AA can’t even leave my port right now.

    • +johnny b I hear you. I used to love playing my tier 8 ships but over time the matchmaking got worse and worse, and ontop of that we have those awfull CV’s to deal with. I like the german BB’s and the playstyle that comes with them. Up and close, brawling, in the thick of it. I usually stick close to the cruisers and help them out as best I can. You’d think that with so many cruisers around you’d have quite a good cover against CV’s. But no. I’ve tried eveything to counter them but to no avail. Once a CV has you on it’s radar there’s nothing you can do but to try and endure it and hope you’ll last long enough to be of some use to your team.

    • +Curious in Russia, you made the bait you take bait.. most positive reviews are done by bots.

    • +Curious there is no warship that can deal against CVS even Des Moines can’t the only warship that can stop CVS is minotaur

  19. “Admiral Kuznetsov awaits you…”
    Are we going to 80’s…?

  20. Yes give us the completely fake Russian battleship line! Overpowered and worthless.

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