Dasha Presents Update 0.8.4 | World of Warships

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Soviet are coming into service! Update 0.8.4 ushers in the second round the “Victory” competition; a new unique historical Commander, Nikolay Kuznetsov; Ranked Battles Season 12; a new map called “Greece”, much more!

Keep an eye out on the official World Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about the upcoming update?
    Ready to command your Soviet Battleships?:)

  2. So carriers are more effective in finishing off ships that have the effect of ‘The Will to Victory’
    But that also means that Russian BB can charge Crusiers late game without much care.


    • It means torp-cruisers will stand a chance to engage in brawling action instead of the usual run away BBs.

    • +Watch Ryder For the most part Russian BB have better rudder shift time(especially tier 10)so torps are not that much of a problem. I am more worried about how a minotaur(royal navy CL) can do proper damage to a Russian BB. And that front deck with 60mm armour…. F to my Worcester.

  3. James Bigglesworth

    Boycotting ranked.
    Fix CVs before allowing them in ranked (Not possible, just remove them)
    Can get rental tier 10 ship for ranked, but not CV? You must realise they are broken.

  4. More temporary in-game currencies is just what we need.

  5. Italian tree along with a Austria-Hungarian tree would be awesome.

    • Airforce1Gunny unfortunately for you they barely had a simple fleet

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      Glupi Medo The Viribus should be tier 4 imo No place for an not modernized ww1 Dreadnought to fight against 1930s or 40s ship

    • You’ve got to be joking with AH. Italy would be fine but AH is a bit stupid no?

    • +Nanchisan Nanchisan The Wargaming devs are terrified of VIribus Unitus becoming another Imperator Nikolai I. That’s why they changed its tier from 4 to 5. They seem to be overlooking how problematic that’ll be for a BB with no AA to have to face Tier 6 instead of Tier 4 CVs.

  6. Espresso Patronum

    rip ranked

  7. Good update until I heard that CVs that are still in the rework stage are gunna be in ranked battles.

    • Wow these nubs are overreacting with how much they underestimate these cv nerfs jeez!

    • The nerfs are only for US CV bombers, which is needed against DD because it’s ez mode to deal damage against them. Also, why are you CV apologists complain about 45s of waiting? On pre rework, CVs have to wait 30-45 seconds every attack and they should’ve kept the wait time to today’s CVs

      EDIT: Just adapt to the changes, CV apologists

    • +Yavor, bruh, back then midway take fucking 2 minutes and now it’s basically spammimg braindead squadrons up the air and you’re done. No fucking skills required! It’s so damn easy to play new CVs. 1 battle and i know how shiets works unlike RTS, It take days of practice and know each ship’s AA, which ships can be citadelled or not, avoiding AA Bubble, bait enemy DFAA, planes went down like lightning, limited amount of planes, ur torp speed, refueling FTs ammunition unlike spawning FTs outta bombers ass. I know RTS is OP at nuking ships but keep in mind, there is less RTS players and even less good RTS CV players. I dont dislike both, but people arent used to moving from old style of CV to new one and people still hated new CVs no matter how much you talk shit about it.

      Why not all of you guys shut up and dealwithit?
      First, you guys complained about RTS and then liked new CVS. And now you guys want RTS back for some weird reason or wanted CVs to be removed (you knew perfectly well that CVs wont be removed or go back to RTS and what is done, it’s done! Move on, fools. Youre not the pnly one suffering this madness and even the one suffering is keeping their mouth shut cuz what can you do complaining here? Go cry at the corner wearing ur mom’s dress!)

    • Rafael Arjel Salvador

      just want to play ranked battles then cv’s have been added. looks like theres no dd player in ranked battle anymore

  8. Raul Alexandru Bota

    If we all Start playing CV only I wonder how would the MM look like ??

  9. CV rules the game, even good aa ships are a joke to planes!
    And pray for a good cv player in your team!!!

  10. Brace yourself, soviet b̶i̶a̶s̶ winter is coming

  11. I cant see there being many DD’s being played in ranked…… Cv’s will destroy any stealth element to the matches

  12. What we should do is abandon the current game play altogether and the team that sings the USSR anthem the best wins.

  13. Spencer Thompson

    So CV’s and AA aren’t balanced yet, and they’re adding them to ranked? As well as rental ships to ranked!?! I do believe I’m going to miss this season…

  14. DImitri Orel'nov

    Kuznetsov skill translation:
    “I have more to consume haha”

  15. WG logic lets screw players by introducing another currency and deny them of what they saved up til now.

  16. Wait?!?! Are CV’s being buffed?!?!
    Rentals and CV’s in ranked? Only the bravest men (and cv players) will reach rank 1 this season.

    • TimPlaysVideogames

      Looks more like a nerf to me, since you release the bombs earlier, meaning that they fall longer and also the impact circle looked smaller and aiming is much more sensitive

  17. Ranked battles with CV. Yay. Also (short range) Soviet BBs in the current CV meta? Do you play your own game WG?

  18. cvs in ranked. well good thing warthunder just added ijn fleet

  19. I think its about time we get Swiss Battleships and Aircraft Carriers, the latter which should have 180 Foo Fighter squadrons with Exocet missiles.

  20. World of warships adds in a Greece map
    Battlefield V adds in a Greece map too
    both one day apart
    Coincidence?I think not

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