Dasha Presents Update 0.8.5 | World of Warships

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With Update 0.8.5, World of Warships takes you into a post-apocalyptic future. What’s coming your way? Nine modified destroyers, four- for Fuel Tokens, a new Clan Battle format, the return of the Sprint, improved matchmaking, and much more!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. Sounds like best news this year, content explosion : ))

  2. damn it, dasha, she is way too cute

  3. SO
    basically a battle royal?

    • @Red Reddington target tracker?

    • @Red Reddington and here’s the other question you have to consider. How did German submarines take out American ships in world war II? Because they did take out American ships. Or it might have been British.

    • The already low DD Player population ensures there will be no Submarine

    • It was the same after Halloween (and the subs), and it was fun. NOT better than the regular game. In fact, not as good. But it was a separate mode, so that’s fine in my book. The weird stuff is put there. The regular stuff doesn’t change (except for tweaks).

  4. pls add a spectator mode that allows players to watch friends battle
    Like ? for support this idea .

  5. Russian Bias always protect.

    I have deja vu – I think I watched it before…

  6. Still waiting for CV’s to be rebalanced.

  7. It’s nice to see Yoshino being reasonably priced and not so over expensive at 300k coal as many speculated 🙂

  8. Honestly….. that’s too much shit it one update. At some point.. people are going to want to just play the ships they have and enjoy playing them instead of chasing after the latest and greatest new ship or flag or this or that. Why not spread some of the this out over a couple of updates…. that way people have time to not only complete the tasks but you enjoy playing in the ships that they have. The last few updates have had squat applied to them for that Russian thing Victory challenge. Some of this filler should have been in there

  9. holy crap DD battle royal! heck yeah!

  10. Wargame Czirokay

    New mods, new event, new premium ships – nice…upcoming french DDs – Triggered!

  11. And so far you’ve said NOTHING about the drastic revamp of the AA in this update. Like….nothing
    Even though the update is coming very soon……in whose best interest it is not to speak about it, I don’t know…..
    edit: ok, only now you’ve released the article about the AA revamp. But not even that is in the video O.o

  12. When will you fix the video memory leak issue?

  13. Interesting it showed 458 containers in the rogue wave container section…..that how many you have to get to get something worth while?

    Also……while it’s fun to see the Dasha clips at the end….it’d be nice to know what she is saying….or flubbing…..

  14. Dasha is a favorite. Love the outtakes! Great job!

  15. My favorite YouTube vids. Updates with Dasha.

  16. Rogue wave? Not my thing, thank you. I would welcome return of Final frontier and Cherry blossom operations instead.

  17. another ring of fire. EA did it, Bethesda did it, now WG does too.
    why not just ring of tsunami or …ring of “rogue wave”? pun intended

  18. What about fixing the broken matchmaking that has ruined the game for as long as I can remember? 1 T8 in a team full of T10s isn’t fun… You should only ever have to fight enemies 1 tier different to yourself. 2 tiers just makes the game not fun, and stops me playing as much.

  19. Battle Royale Mode, more lootboxes, more premium ships, more premium currency.

    No wonder I stopped playing this game long ago.

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