Dasha presents Update 0.8.6 | World of Warships

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Version 0.8.6 ushers in a series of updates dedicated to French destroyers! So, what do you get?
A branch of French destroyers in early access;
A new in-game event with Premium destroyer Siroco as a reward;
The revamped Port of Marseille;
Symbols of France;
A number of balance-related changes; and new seasons of Ranked and Clan Battles.

Keep an eye out on the official World of website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new Update?
    Are you ready to earn containers with an early access to French Destroyers?:)

    • Great Game! I do have a simple suggestion for Clan Navel Battles. Base XP Is a good measure of how well you did in a Battle. The problem with using the Present Base XP in Clan Naval Battles is that if you are on a bad Team you may not get a 900 Bar Star even if you have a really good game, because your Team lost. Likewise if you had a terrible game but your Team won, you could reach 900 Base XP easily with the Team Winning Bonus added in. For Clan Naval Battles, why not just use simple Base XP, without the Winning Bonus added in, to determine if you get a Star for your Naval Battle? Of course the Base XP for each Star would need to change. For example, first Star in a ship category would be 300, second star would be at 600, third star could be 800, and 4th star could be 900 Base XP without the winning bonus added in. Presently, the star Bar Levels are 300, 900, 1200, and 1500 Base XP. Base XP covers everything, spotting ships, capping areas, and damage. It is a good measure of how you did in a battle. When doing a Clan Naval Battle, it should not matter what a Team of strangers does in a battle and should not effect your Clan Naval Battle.

      I see this as a simple fix, because WoW already calculates Base XP for every battle. WoW simple should not add in the Winning Bonus for the sack of determining a Clan Battle performance.

    • And we must say that Sasha is very beautiful and a very good announcer for WoW. In fact, it is her face that you see on my Ships Badge as I sink your ships! Haha

    • hate everything about the direction the GRIND and SURPRISE MECHANICS are going. F U WG

    • We’re ready for the u boats! No more toying with us lol

    • I’m just waiting for submarines., especially the IJN I-400, and KMS VII-C.

  2. Dasha In glasses….. nicee

  3. As a person who’s made it his business to acquire and use as many French vessels as possible…

    This pleases me.

  4. Ah WG you use “Tchaikovsky – 1812 Overture”
    For “la Marseillaise” 😀
    You use for prank ? because this musical composition was creat for defeat of Napoleon. (on Russian).

    Vive la France !

    • @Thomas Mounot I love Beerhoven, but I guess he never wrote music to play with church bells and canons, so the 1812 overture fits very well I think. And… It’s good to remember from time to time what happend with people who starts a war to rule the world ;o)

    • @Jan Schneegaß Yes sure, but remember Napoelon attack the russian because this country divert the sea blockade asked and obliged by Napoleon, he did not want to invade Russia this country is to big and another dictator make the same errors 2 centuries later :,)..

    • @Thomas Mounot To burn down the capital city is a bad way to say “Hey, we don’t want to invade you” I think ;o) Yeah, the sea blockade, a first step for a war with England, if I remember right… ;o)
      And speaking of another dictator… to be honest, I’m from Germany and we learned it the hard way, in Russia and in France too. But it’s good that it ended this way, I don’t want to think about what would have happened if the “greatest commander-in-chief of all time” had won the war…

    • @Jan Schneegaß ahah i know you are german and AH is Austrian no ? not German (for me is this ^^’)
      But it’s the Russians who burned Moscow :O “tactics of the burnt earth” sorry this is trad on french :/
      And not French army for destroyed all infrastructure, food etc..
      But I give myself the right to the mistake.

      And the blockade is for to choke England because the war and landing is impossible avec Traffalgar

  5. I’ve enjoyed this game for round about three years, however as WarGaming adds more RNG factors to the game and recycle game mechanics to add grind, I find my interest waning. The Directive event system has been used for three lines now, plus savage game? Each time they recycle it, they add more grind 3m ram damage in DDs? Really WarGaming, no thanks.

    • 300,000, and I constantly jumped from ship to ship after ramming. The Seascythe was probably the best one for ramming as it is the fastest in savage mode.

    • Fucking amen. This relentless grind really makes playing wows feel like a second job. It’s gone to the point that I feel relieved when the premium time expires, finally off the god damn hamster wheel.

  6. Draw me like one of your French girls!

  7. interesting music in the background – if I am not mistaken it is Russian music celebrating a certain victory over the French

  8. “we’re continuing to work on game balance..” Mmhmm is that what you call it?:’)

  9. Frederico Eusébio

    Wows devolved into grind go get lootboxes and rng….

  10. I’m done with the forced and constant grinding brought into WOWs for few updates now. Taking a rest and checking if I’ll come back at all or just send a R.I.P. message.

    • @James T. Bigglesworth i see your copy-pasting your comment well i already answered this so i won’t copy-paste

    • James T. Bigglesworth

      @cozmic brandon Yeah, I just wanted to push that comment to as many people as complain about the grind. Sure, you want to get to the ships you perhaps know historically, or have heard that are good to play. But why rush to tier 10? Just a bunch of massive complainers at that level, and high toxicity levels. I grant that you want to grind out your ship upgrades, but then just enjoy playing that damn ship.

  11. Sooooo, I have to grind to unlock a loot box, then pay real money to access it. No thanks. I already pay for premium time. But thanks for showing us once again that Wargaming is not much different than the tax man who taxes you from every angle.

    • Not exactly, you just play your ships and get tokens, then exchange them for bundles, 4 of the bundles are for tokens you earn, from there on they are for dobloons, nobody is forcing you to buy them. I have 20k dobloons, never bought any of them, all i got is from Supercontainers, Clan wars, Ranked battles and other events that gave some small amount of doboons

  12. Pff… So they wan’t us to grind in order to pay more with real money for some extra bundles? MegaLUL

    • James T. Bigglesworth

      How about you just play the game and enjoy the ship you’re in? Don’t make it about unlocking the next one.

  13. No touch RU BBs… are u blind????
    other grinding system…. yes u are blind and cant read
    2 part release ship line….. i know i know u are s….p
    i guess u must more and more listen to players….
    have a nice day

  14. Herastheblackwolf

    Finally NOT playing T10 . Cheers <3

  15. WG should learn from Warframe business practice, at least all F2P and P2W players can enjoy same good stuff unlike this time consuming, ridiculous grinding-fest missions and directives.

  16. this free to play game is getting pretty expensive

  17. I’d like the update if it wasn’t for the disgusting amount of lootbox cancer.

  18. You choose to play the Tchaikovsky’s <<1812 Overture>> while introducing French DD line? LOL

  19. Noticed the irony?

    1812 playing in the background for the intoduction of French DDs!
    Well… if that isn’t an omen of some kind I don’t know what is… ^^
    good luck Frenchies! You’ll need it! 😛

  20. Yeah I am done with this madness you call “game”

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