Dasha Presents Update 0.8.7 | World of Warships

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Update 0.8.7 continues the cycle of updates focusing on French destroyers. Take part in the new Stage of the French event: research the French destroyer branch; gather the new collection; and obtain the new unique Commander, Philippe Auboyneau.

Aside from the new event Stage, we’ve prepared some significant changes to gameplay: a new progression system—the Research Bureau; an updated matchmaker; and improved mechanics for the priority AA sector.
Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. Λмαтѕυĸαze Kαι Nι

    Still waiting for a special German Captain…

    Edit: RB and this new broken AA would spark a problem

  2. Rework the research bureau, MAKE IT COMBAT MISSIONS, no clan member doing clan wars is going to remove a ship they need to play for ranked/clan wars. get your facts…

    • This is a money grab, people will spend money to convert xp for faster research bureau results “It’s A Money Grab” This is also the reason for the fast pace of missions and things. People cant keep up so they spend money to compensate

    • @Knodsil They should have dropped the entire idea, when the community said NO! the first time.

    • @Stefan Pajung thats not how businesses usually operate. If the devs have invested time and money into something, then they want to see a return on their investment.

    • @Knodsil I know that. That’s why you never do such radical and time consuming developments, before you are positively sure that they will be well received. Your job is to keep the share holders, but also the customers happy.

    • Yep there are 1k better ideas than this crappy Reset thing.

  3. RB still getting released as is? Interesting choice WG. I dunno if you’ve seen the feedback on the RB vid maybe you should check it out.

  4. Christian Villaflor

    How about “We just gonna play our Tier X ships as usual, while earning Research Points”??

    • Christian Villaflor you still can but it for people who what to Spears another year grinding out ships

    • Christopher Roberts

      Idea, you can trade ship xp for research points.
      10k on T10 ship = 10 points
      10k on T9 ship = 9 points and so on and so forth.

      This would allow people who play a lot to get all the bureau’s rewards, remove xp from players, and allow new players to use the RB because it will cover all tiers, including 1 eventhough you will get little rewards for T1 (10k = 1RP).

    • nobody forces you, if you want to continue with your ships entertaining

    • Christian Villaflor

      @Fran it’s just a suggestion

    • Nah, that would make it less grindy.

  5. Reset? I thought everyone was AGAINST resetting? They rename the thing and think now we are ok?

  6. “Research bureau”. No, thanks

    • @Dale Gribble true, I even citadel yamato and musashi with des moines, not from long range thou.

    • @dewannee lmao brawling yamatos with a legendary mod des moine is hilarious

    • @Dale Gribble yup you will be amaze by the work of those 203 and the rate of your acceleration, LOL

    • @dewannee I got into a close in knife fight with my Worcester against a musashi ( essentially yamato ) and completely killed him for all his HP. Lost just under half my HP doing it but worth it.

    • @Renard Foxington always mate, I’m a BB main but when a light cruiser can closing in and sunk me, this cruiser captain got my compliment, especially in a gun fight.


    WG, I really love your game!! (Volutionseba, NA) But the research bureau it’s an terrible idea! Rework that shit please!!! because no active player of a clan battle will give his tier X 🙁

  8. Once again, WHERE IS CAPTAIN JINGLES???

  9. I was watching Dasha, not sure about this Russian Bureau, sounds like the WOT Russian refund!

  10. 5:10 aww mann… i cant spam shift+f12 anymore 🙁

  11. Thank you for the MM change for tier 8, this was really good and welcome change.

  12. Can we have a “off” button for the research bureau? I dont like to make drunken mistakes!!

  13. Research bureau? Ohhhh no thx. Will never use it.

  14. Say NO to research bureau .i. greedy WG

  15. Kind reminder that we didn’t ask for the Research Bureau/NTC and have been vocally against it.

    • @J R Hmmmm, now I am really not being funny in any way with this comment but apparently you missed the sledgehammer of subtlety in the comment you replied to ;~)

    • @J R Subtlety – The quality or state of being subtle or hard to notice. I’d say I was about as subtle as possible since you completely missed it, hence the explanation you gave. I usually choose my words carefully. There are such a lot of good ones out there. :~)

    • @J R Then you are an idiot I am afraid. You find it hilarious as to my lack of knowledge about the subject considering the sarcasm I used in my response? The fact I have at least basic knowledge about the subject is IMPLICIT in the fact I used the sarcasm in the way I did. Shit me not, you are hard damned work. Also I didn’t actually realise those who do have a lack of WW2 naval battle knowledge should be apologetic to those who don’t have the same lack of knowledge.At least you got a laugh out of your misunderstanding, bonus :~)

    • i personally like the idea of research bureau, many people dislike it, but its not like its mandatory thing to do.

    • I believe you

  16. Very good update exept for the research bureau

  17. You guys need to slow down on the events and new ships
    Give us som time to recharge

    Also fix the bloody bureau, make it so you can trade experience on elite ships to research points at a certain percentage.


  18. “It will make the game more balanced for both Aircraft Carriers and other types of ships” LMFAO. I honestly feel sorry for CV players. You aren’t doing them any favors, don’t pretend you are.

    So now they want you to regrind everything over and over so they don’t have to create new content?! We’ve been begging for new battle types, new nations, etc., and what do we get? Exactly what the masses said they DON’T WANT.

    WG Listens & Cares, We Can Tell. 😐

    • Lol right just make new ships and throw them in. Or more battle types… it’s not like anything like that takes months of development and testing…

    • Making more ships or battle types isn’t really something they should focus on either right now. Instead they should focus on fixing the stuff at hand. The carrier rework still isn’t all that balanced, the French DD’s just came out and probably still need some tweaks here and there. Events nowadays is something many players even just ignore because they don’t want to be burnt out (even more) by grinding through them while they are doing ranked, clan battles or even just trying to reach new ships of a line they didn’t finish yet. There are way more things that are in the game right now that need to be worked on than new things that need to be added.

  19. Yet another currency???? so much stuff WG….. please please add more stuff I cannot wait to stop work study and family and devote my entire life to playing WOWS religiously

  20. The Research bureau is not wanted!
    The French commander should also be a collections reward.

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