Dasha Presents Update 0.8.8 | World of Warships

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Yet another year has passed on our voyage, we’ve been busy getting ready for the celebrations dedicated to World of Warship’s Fourth Anniversary!
Join the festive frenzy, enjoy new Directives, Victory Bonuses, and an extraordinary new Port! So, what’s on offer in our celebratory Update?

Keep an eye out on the official website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about the new Update?
    Will you help Dasha to get more subscribers? Be sure to watch this video up to the very end!:)

  2. Ugh. I shouldve wait for Thunderer for coal. I have used up on Yoshino. But it is still a good ship nonetheless..

  3. Rip only teir 9 ships max. seems nice so far though.

  4. I really do feel like this anniversary is fruitful enough to make all players considering it worth their time, great job and thank you, WG☺️

  5. actually really looking forward to the patch after this for dem pasta botes

    • @Patrick Lenigan So true, hoping for some short range brawlers tbh, but that can deal with the insane HE flamethrower light cruisers. I have a fear though, that we’ll just get some mid range type support BBs.

    • @Снэтиік I’m hoping their guns are more accurate than Roma. Gorgeous ship and great tank, but not all that much fun to play when most of your shells hit the water around where you’re aiming

    • ​@Alexander So true, and I’m sick of people always bringing up that “it’s because they were inaccurate in real life” which is the biggest crock of shit. As Drachinifel has brought up many time, the Italian 380mm’s were some of the most accurate BB guns of their time, but due to inferior quality standards at the ammunition production facilities, they would end up having horrible dispersion, which was solved when good quality ammo was fired. To neuter the Italian BB’s because of “bad ammo quality” would be the biggest slap in the face to anyone having an IQ of 70 or higher.

    • do you guys think we’ll get the pasta flavour of SAP and AP for the bbs? or do you feel we’ll get the standard loadout of HE and AP?

    • @Kitra Mika To be honest, that’s a tough call. On BB’s, SAP just might be “too good”, but at the same time, not being able to ignite fires on enemies who are at extreme angles, so not being able to damage them essentially, might just be too big of a disadvantage for a BB who’s reload’s are half a minute long.

  6. This looks really good, thanks WG

  7. happy b, day world of warships i hop your here 4 life mag_332

  8. I’m still holding out for my Dasha calendar PLEASE!
    NA server DD_868

  9. does someone need a birthday spanking?

  10. Me: Unsubbing then sub again*
    There you go I did my part.

  11. *shows unique camo for Ark Royal
    * Ark Royal itself isn’t in the game yet


  12. Screw the Area 51 raid I can get some cool pixel camos for my pixel boats, WOWS birthday stream I eagerly await your arrival thanks WG!

  13. Well I dont have a tier 10 ship… I have a t9 and 2 t8’s… then again I’m more of a casual player

    • Buy yourself Smolensk. with -25% it will cost around 175k coal.

    • Last year I had only one T10 Republique , I got 100 hydra signals , this year I have 13 T10 (3premium) , and I can give one advice , concentrate on one ship at the time , put all flags and camos on “her” , and grind, grind , grind , you will be supprised how quick you get there (I have played most without premium accout).

    • @Dysputant Salem is better as first T10 earn credits even in co-op battle , Salem is Des Moines (I have des and I cant say salem is weeaker)! so is good , smolensk is good , but I would not recomended as first T10 you play against experience players and 32.300 helth can go quick and is good to have smoke but only 120 sec 2 loads standard , so you need 14 point commander to really enjoy it (PT,AR,Si,AFT&IFHE) , Yoshino great guns , 20 km torps 61.800 health , play like quick battleship , but all depend what line you grind, if US Salem is great for you Des Moines captain I play on bouth Helsey, Yoshino you can play your Yamato or zao captain no problem that will work , Smolensk you can train soviet dd captain . your chose.

    • i have 15 tier 10s.

  14. But did you give Graf Zeppelin her Stukas back?

  15. Well I regret doing research bureau on a ship line before this.

  16. This was one of the prettiest outfit of Dasha
    Sadly I will be driving during the stream :/

  17. Dasha: We will have more graphic update
    My GPU: oh crap. here we go again

  18. “stream on 20 of September”
    Me:humm are they gonna watch the raid on area 51…

  19. WG needs to have “Toxicity” as it’s theme song.

  20. now you can get raped by BOT players in a very beautiful environment. . .

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