Dasha presents Update 0.9.0: British Cruisers | World of Warships

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Early Access for British heavy cruisers, Season 8 of Clan Battles, technical improvements, and much more!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. How about you fix the existing game for once? The 1 minute delay result screen for example… that thing is beyond annoying ….
    Players made a list of like 50+ bugs on reddit… how about starting fixing them ?

    • @Cosmin Lesutan Shit Internet is my next guess. I’ve never had more then a 2-3 sec lag with mulitple PCs running different CPUs.

    • Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

      ..oh good luck with that… I have requested repeatedly for various fixes.. , and when I get a response it is always the same canned BS about teams having priorities and yadda yadda.. the only solution is to drop spending money on WG.. and try to get others to see that this is the only way WG will ever change because it is all they care about….. all the rest is PR bull..

    • Cosmin Lesutan – like autopilot which has been wonky at least since the CV re-work.

    • Cosmin Lesutan – autopilot has been horribly buggered since the CV rework. I have the same lag in seeing the results screen sometimes. Apparently the WG motto is “even if it’s broke we won’t bother fixing it.”

    • i never had a bug in this game tbh. maybe i iam lucky. who knows

  2. Alexandre Kleiubing

    i hope this year have more opperations for others tier like 5 8 and of corse 10

    • They already said that there will be no PVE development this year…

    • Me too, but keep dreaming; WG announced they were doing ZERO on that regard!

    • A dream that wont happen there to busy selling overpriced shit to idiots

    • angryadministrator.wordpress.com

      @Kamakaze D they are loosing so many players left and right so they think raising prices for the remaining ones is the only way to keep the game alive. In reality, we are indeed fed up.

      Take that cruiser building bullshit for instance. what is it? 22000 dubloons to ensure the ship finnishesh? xD
      I used to play from morning to evening, but now its casual, once a while and even then it sometimes makes me puke so I hit alt+f4

  3. What ever happen to the other girl?

  4. Ahhh I missed the chance of get the ARP ships when they released in 2015. Back then I was a student and did not have any money to buy those ships :’v


  6. more Aussie Ships please!

  7. Dasha, your purple camouflage is hot. Don’t let Wargaming change it .)

  8. The permanent camo looks nice, but that is the peace time color scheme of the US navy during the victorian era (see stock st. Louis in game), seen in places such as the great white fleet. The Royal Navy had black hulls with a white super structure, and a bit of gold on the funnels and rigging (similar to Mikasa ingame).

    • British have been using the while hull+yellow funnels in the far east and Mediterranean since pre-dreadnought era. The whole black-white-yellow black fleet Victorian colour was never meant for the entirety of royal navy.

    • @Yiding Liu Thanks for clearing that up.

  9. How about fixing something more important like ONLY 1 SMOLENSK per team ?

    • @Tetragon 213 Smolenks spreadsheet stats in Top 5% players are about the same as at potato level (For instance Smolenks is 7Th highest WR T10 CA at Top 5%). But somehow people keep persistently falsely using the argument that potato players are the reason Smolenks stats are not showing an OP ship.

    • Dont hate what you dont got!

    • @Tetragon 213 u mean like stalingrad? stomping noobs and potatoes because they have no idea how it works, getting farmed by better players especially in randoms…since WoWs is not a competitive esport, they won’t do it, because casuals will cry even more about so many things (like the old BB-citadels before they got buffed) and WG does not rlly care about “pro’s” or competitve.

    • @Tetragon 213 Most of the big whales are likely regular casual players who have stable to good jobs, super unicums probably aren’t all that big of a portion in the whale pool. And balancing game around something that isn’t the whales will start to cut into profits, which makes the idea automatically bad and not good.

    • Remove the cv. Fix it all.

  10. Why no CV in clan wars? They’re balanced right?

    • @lstierney okay this is coming from a carrier captain I have all the carriers. Before the rework and after. The carrier forces your team to have to move and achieve objectives as a group. As a carrier Captain myself I love it when DD’s Rush the cap with no AAA cover. They are now pray for the wolves. Or even better to find a battleship soloing around the map by himself yum yum I say. Carriers in the game Force YOLO artist the play as a group. That’s the effect that the carrier has on the game. If you’re not willing to support your group in your role the carrier is going to pick you apart. And I know you’re not coming at me I just want to explain it from my side of The View.

    • ​@josh Hawkins while I have your attention: what are DDs/other ships with little or no AA meant to do late game when the teams are reduced and more spread out? Often in CV games, as a DD main, I survive to late game (by not rushing caps etc as you mentioned) only to be nuked by CV, unable to respond; they just repeatedly strike you until dead

    • @lstierney yes I could definitely see the frustration near the end game. With that being said I’m totally against the rework I preferred the RTS version where you ran out of planes .You probably know this I’m sure you’re an experienced player ,but I’ll give you a little tip how to avoid the carrier near the end game. The carrier has to regenerate planes over time. The more planes he throws at the enemy force in the beginning the less planes he has at the end of the match. So when it carrier comes at you initially take evasive maneuvers naturally. If he comes at you with rocket planes don’t expose your broadside make sure your bow to stern. And if it’s dive-bombers make sure you’re showing broadside. Once the carrier makes initial Passover don’t turn away from the carrier planes turn into them and chase them he has to make 180 degree turn and then he has an arming time. A good DD Captain chases the planes around there for not allowing him to actually continue to pass over and over.
      I spent almost all my DVDs for AAA because not only does it give you better are anti-aircraft protection but it also helps you with your gun play. But be aware not all DD’s have long range anti aircraft guns so you don’t need the advanced firing training only the basic. A lot of captains forget to look at their AAA overall rating on their ships and see what type of guns they have.
      Not only do I do cerriers. I also do all the other ships to I’m pretty close to 8000 battles

    • josh Hawkins yeah but at least people will stop running Klebers

    • @Soarin Skies the Keebler detection range is being increased by 1 full kilometer

  11. WG: Hey community! You forgot about Pureto Rico, right?
    Community: No, but actually yes.

  12. Players complaining about tons of bugs

    WG: let us give you another whole ship line with a bunch of new sets of bugs and glitches
    Also WG: we are busy creating 510mm ships because we dont care about our promise about yamato is the biggest caliber

  13. Mozart: Horn Concerto No. 4 in E Flat Major, K. 495: III. Rondo (Allegro vivace).

  14. Plz don’t move unique upgrades to research bureau, it’s just the old NTC, don’t think you’ve fooled us, we’re not idiots.

  15. On a side note. Her make up is really well done and I’m digging the classic look. I wonder if that was her idea or WG to help sell this new ship.

  16. I still want a single player client with historical missions and competent AI, where all the ships i spent money won’t vanish when Wargaming’s servers ultimately go down.

  17. Are we going to ignore the fact the tier 10 carrier missions that gives the upgrades are completely useless?

  18. PuppyCareBear /Sparky

    I hope these directives will be doable unlike the 2019 “ free christmas gifts.” Do not disappoint me please? ^_^? Dasha love the purple camo

  19. That RNG on vid about “random bundles” we’ll see this flags more often than you think 😀 <3 Anyway I love you WeeGee and you Dasha <3

  20. Im just loving seeing Dasha, she is gorgeous!!

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