Dasha Presents Update 0.9.1 | World of Warships

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The release of the British heavy cruisers, a new unique Commander, cruiser London, and much more!

Keep an eye out on the official website. Your first port of call for new releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new Update?
    How many cruisers in Early Access did you get in 0.9.0?:)

    • Zero cruiser unsuprisingly, despite doing all the missions. Harsh difference to the early days where one would get at least a t5 but now it’s jsut another moneygrab. Gotta shill those gold crates

    • @HaLfCrAzEdCaNuCk I’ve been playing for over two years and just about ready to uninstall it myself, but WG will NEVER get a red cent out of me for their over-priced crap. I’ve been grinding away and finally got the Bismark and can’t afford to play it because the service fee puts me in the red. It’s a fun game to play, if you’re rich! FU WG!

    • You’re not a micro-transaction extortionist, you’re a mega-transaction extortionist WG! Your severs suck too with game freezes and 300-700ms pings! You suck and I wish hackers would crash your servers!

    • I got Hawkins and miraculously, Ablemarle, time to grind T9 cruiser immediately

    • None at all ?

  2. Can’t wait for Smolensk season 15!

  3. Pretty sure ranked will be chock-full of Kremlins…

  4. 5:17 she looks like my gneisenau gunman

  5. Smolenks gone: Party Hard
    Jean Bart gone: Cries in Baguette

  6. It is weird to watch someone being obviously talked over in English. Just do subtitles or get an English speaker.

  7. Enough with the T10 ranked battles.

  8. Rank: Kremlin vers. Smolensk

  9. If it wasn’t for Dasha, I would have left this Dumpster Fire of a game a year ago.

  10. Love the Dasha outtakes!

    • James T. Bigglesworth

      Dasha is simply adorable in her outtakes. ?
      Very pretty, with class & refinement. A great presenter! I’m glad & relieved that she won the presenter battle against try-hard sexpot Alyona.✌?

  11. Y’all need to start going down with ranked like next ranked would be t9 then after that t8 then so on and so forth. we’re trying to have fun and be able to compete without buying some expensive ass t10 Russian ship.

  12. When commander dasha Will up for purchase again? I missed the promo long time ago. 🙁

  13. Dasha is lovely, as usual. News are awful, as usual (another T10 ranked season??? 175k coal for a captain?????). So everything looks quite normal, today

  14. The new Update: we will see
    How many cruisers in Early Access did you get: ZERO (normal Wargaming)

  15. Please update some German Or Japanese event

  16. Yet another recycled Directive for a t6 premium ship with tons of grind I am sure. Another t10 ranked season that the community, in general, has been not asking for. Basically WG isn’t listening at all anymore…

  17. When you see Dasha not holding her pinky up on her tea.
    **Angry British Noises**

  18. The WOWS sh&t-show continues. Not even trying.

  19. Nice joke WG, 0 cruisers, but i do all directives and all day Missions.
    How many duplons did you get form Early Access?

  20. Lets see: In the Lunar Containers I received the cruiser, and out of 24 token crates, not a single ship….. And as for another grind, no thank you. I’ll play my normal 6 or 8 games a night, if I play at all – if I get something, great, but I am not going to sweat it anymore.

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