Dasha Presents Update 0.9.2. European Destroyers

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Early Access European destroyers, changes to Inertia Fuse for HE Shells and hull plating, a new Clan Brawl, and much more!
Because of the changes being made to the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill, resetting Commander skills will be of charge from the release of 0.9.2 until 08:00 (CET) on March 16. Click the button on Portal to activate your free respec.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new Update?
    Because of the changes being made to the Inertia Fuse for HE Shells skill, resetting Commander skills will be free of charge from the release of Update 0.9.2 until 08:00 (CET) on March 16. Click the button on Portal to activate your free respec.

    • It seem pretty nice to see a new comer in a fancy way possible:
      EU DD look like a combination of RU DD and Fr DD together.From repair party of the Russian and stealth and no smoke of the French.After that,it seem normal to me
      IFHE rework look normal to me minus the less fire it perform.

    • give us back the god damn operations and eliminate the division requirements….half of the random battle I play with are with incompetant players

    • I don’t have any ten ships in port. Please Ms.Periva send me one in SC. Thx.;)

    • When are you guys gonna stop wasting our time and give us Aircraft Carriers or Submarines?

    • What about submarine ya slow pokes

  2. Would not mind a break from the grindy events, but other than that, looks fine

  3. Can’t wait for all the CVs going to attack these slow DDs with bad AA up to higher tiers and no smoke 😀

    • I can troll a Friesland even with the Enterprise. So AA isnt really great, it is more random.

    • @okularnik125 Yes, I agree they need hanger capacities returned, otherwise when they loose their strike wing, there’s no consequences. But that’s doesn’t mean they have “Bad AA”
      One of my Clan Admirals has an account record of 104 planes shot down in his Friesland.
      Only I have a higher count at 113 in my Worcester, at that was in the current ranked season.

    • Stop crying.

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      As a CV player I can say: Yes, you can attack these DDs but it’s going to hurt. You can’t always afford it if the losses are too heavy, even though sinking DDs is often a strategic priority.
      And if they team up with other AA, you can kiss your planes a goodbye without achieving meaningful amount of (or any) damage.

    • They hit CVs with a hard nerf to bombers so might as well hunt DDs at this point

  4. At 3:12 “Click the relevant button on our website” and then NOT show the button on the website?!?! Classic WG communication skills……

    • Open the videos description its embedded below they just dont include that information in their videos as we have ESP

    • @Max Carnage Whats ESP? And the text isnt very clear either. Just saying, its like they say Twitch missions start 12Th on website and then the video with Conway he says 13th? Clear as porrige !!

    • @Max Carnage I have been looking in the description for minutes, reading it over and over. How are we supposed to know you need to click the to twitter in order to find a link to their website? FFS wargaming

  5. WG: introducing Fjord port
    Tirpitz: oh no

  6. 3:43 So you’re telling me that Stalingrad has an even thicker frakking hull now?

    • @Till Vater Yeah that happens a lot, that’s why positioning and support is required though. Also there’s such a thing as reversing, even if it doesn’t prevent the ram it can give more time to deal with them.

    • @Failomas You need to angle very well, even showing just slightly too much broadside can turn it from a tanking monster into one of the squishiest cruisers in the game.

    • Stalin is a light battleship not a heavy cruiser.

    • @Nutty31313 i know how to do it, broadside is weak ( thankfully not like the weak russian BB broadsides ) i was replying to the guy saying that the stalingrad is soft, at any angle

    • @Nutty31313 And the Hindenberg, Zao etc.

  7. Are you trying to convince me to never touch my shimakaze ever again

  8. Finally, now I can have an immersive Tirpitz experience.

    • A Google User anonymous

      yeah being burned to death by a ship with a BB gun and torped at the same time by an invisible DD …

  9. Thanks for thickining those cruisers its gonna be haven for Yashima if comes out because of what you did thanks a lot WG

  10. pan europe powerfull AA
    american ships: am i a joke to you?
    WG: joke on you CV are balance strikes with no issue anyone CYKA BLYAT

  11. WG: “Montana isn’t powercreeped”

    In game: 3:59

    • also they keep powercreeping 30mm armor by adding 457mm guns

    • Someone's Youtube Username

      Ironically my legendary Montana has been my most enjoyable BB as of late. In its own way, it’s more survivable than my Kremlin (even with the Russian special commander) because it can shrug off fires and HE pens while keeping on the move and that buffed Montana heal is like a mini super heal, except you have 5 of them. You just have to learn that HE is the way to go for about 55% of the time and then you realize you are as much of a HE spammer as a Conqueror is, because you have superior dispersion to make up for the lack of HE alpha and fire chance (that Conqueror has), and that Montana’s HE still penetrates even the Kremlin plating. Because you’ll be swapping ammo on Montana almost all the time, it’s recommended you get a commander with the super expert loader.
      Montana without the legendary module is kind of meh though, so be sure to get that too…

  12. ” Japanese destroyers are getting some competition ” you mean like every other DD line in game

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @Papaver Somniferum yeah on guns or torp range

    • Papaver Somniferum

      @stefanos perivolaris Well KMS ships have good AP so i think battery range and reload speed buff should do the thing.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @Papaver Somniferum i ld like the 150mm upgrade on guns

    • Papaver Somniferum

      @stefanos perivolaris Never been a fan of these, at least on tier VIII. On VI these guns were quite good. But if Wg would improve 150mm’s giving em faster reload and turret traverse then it should do its work. And make KMS DD’s special feature cause these guns can deal with cruisers easily…with better reload time.

    • Apart from 10 different gunship DD’s , radar and planes IJN destroyers are doing fine!

  13. Another money grab…
    What a coincidence that the free camos are linked to the LUCK (or gold)a player has in getting the ships…

  14. Luiz Gustavo Campos

    So, the swedish DD line is here with “Powerfull AA defences”… Nice meme… They will put more fireworks in the air to salute planes while they strike you…

  15. and the Pan America line, will it take long to have ships?

  16. “Japanese destroyers are about meet some serious competition!”

    They’ve been meeting serious competition for ages.

  17. “IJN DDs are going to meet some serious competitors” dont make us laugh WG, literally every DD line is a competitor when compared to the IJN, honestly, how stupid are you people

    • Daylight4449 Fan Are IJN DDs so bad?

    • @Mr. Hakim the torpedo DD line is, only the T9 and 10 in that line can reach something that resembles a gunboat, but theyre torps take forever to relaod, and are seen from the moon, the alt line with Akizuki and her 2 steriod infused “cousins” as i like to refer to them, are much more fun to play from what ive heard

    • IJN gunboat line is very relevant and powerful still.
      IJN torpedoboat isn’t that strong but is still powerful in good hands regardless.

  18. You can win an Oscar with a film using subtitles…………….so why can’t WG use subtitles, so we can hear the real Dasha?

  19. Friesland be like: You guys have torps?

  20. Pan-EU tree? More like, the “Sweden and friends” tree 😛

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