Dasha Presents Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers for Everyone!

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The European destroyers get released from Early Access, a new Campaign, a unique historical Commander, Ranked Sprint, Clan Battles, and many other features!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new Update?

  2. Andrei Gaming Elite

    Finally my Polish Fleet may commerce operations!
    But how about operation NARAI?

  3. Is there any news when scenarios other than T6 will be available?

    • It would be nice to have operations from more than t6 and/or t7. T5, T8, even T9-10 would be awesome to be honest.

    • At near future? no, WG tell us at reddit that operation are not their main concern, biased russian paper ship are more important to them, lol

    • A really really really really really really really really long name that no one cares about

      I just want Narai back 🙁

    • Or add some smaller shorter scenarios battle with less required numbers of players.

    • Yes: NEVER. They CBA to create PvE content that can be farmed with predictable results. Just look what they did to Narai …

  4. perfect update until legendary upgrade … why research bureau? i don’t want to regrind my ships, i don’t have time to have all ships so why would i regrind them?

    • inb4 they release multiple upgrades for one ship and make it OP(compulsory for competitive) .

    • The Research Bureau as it currently stands does nothing more to encourage or reward players for playing mid-tiers than releasing any new line does. No Research Points are awarded for playing ships below T6 and if you free XP past any ship in the line, you simply earn the points for that ship when you play a higher ship on the line. You can even research an entire line with free XP and reset it without playing any games on it multiple times and all the Research Points accumulated from each reset will be rewarded when you eventually do play the TX. RB incentivises burning as much free XP as you have, not playing mid-tier ships.

    • @Andreas Wiklund How is that fun if you need crap like premium, free exp, signals and camos to make it faster?
      That sounds like the opposite of fun…

    • @Andreas Wiklund luckily I did purchase several permanent camos so regrinding is a little bit easier for me

    • @Andreas Wiklund i would advise to save all free xp you can for free-xp-only premium ships

  5. 19200 research point for legendary.
    hahahaha oh dear

    • @stefanos perivolaris yes, I got them in 85 random and 15 co-op battles on average.(have 7 Unique upgrades)

    • they dont mention removal of upgrade missions, they just add the upgrades as additional obtain option

    • @Omer of Maribor No, new missions are already unavailable and the issued ones will be forcibly removed by the end of the year.

    • The legendary missions could be completed in about 100 battles, and you got to keep all of your TX ships while you did it. Much better than the RB system.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @eastindies i dont mind it but after 4 years the game is dull only clan battles are exciting and kots with some funny game events
      Randoms are nuts
      Ranked became russ bias ships only with premium nabs
      Co op is for newbies and hell grinds xD

  6. when are the german ships getting the second flag ??
    also will there be unique ship flags available in the premium store or armory in furture ?

  7. Legendary upgrades costing 19.2k research points each, or 2 regrinds, is ridiculous. And then in 9.5 the upgrades are going to be altered, undoubtedly to make them all great so people need to regrind to be competitive, It’s exactly what people hated about NTC, yet you’re implementing it anyway.

    As if WG hadn’t been proving they don’t care about player feedback enough, this is the icing on the cake. Trying to implement a system that they already suffered huge backlash for…

    • 10k would be much better , 19.2k I would rather wait to get a premium ship

    • @Vladimir Efimov atleast only ZAO which have the best legendary module luckily i already have it. is not worth to restart line for 19200 research point. because is time consuming.
      in mission mode you can get by playing atleast 80 battle in respective ship to get the upgrade.

    • WG: tightening the vise … one turn every patch …

    • @Jerry Glaze you are aware you can play those ships for fun without being forced to regrind them ? just saying …

    • @Lubos Soltes of course I did find it fun.

  8. Is there any way you can delay the translation by a half-second or so? We would dearly love to hear Dasha’s real voice every now and then. Thank you!

  9. Regrinding ship lines is such BAD “endgame content”.

    • “is not that bad”
      (is always followed by) just use premium+flags+signals+camo


    • Agreed, it is a bad idea. However it is not compulsory and open to anyone who is willing to challenge itself for regrinding and at the same time acquiring the new resource so that you can get more rewards.

    • @Muhamad Othman Challenge? How is that a challenge? The old LM personal missions were more of a challenge (and made more sense, since you had to play the ship you wanted an upgrade/sidegrade for). Using fxp was no option. Anyone can reach t10, as can be observed at any time ingame. In fact WG wants as many people as possible to reach higher tiers and get invested.

    • @Pienimusta for nerds u mean..

    • There is no endgame you play frorever

  10. Miodrag Mijatović

    When will Dasha announce AK47s FOR EVERYONE?

  11. WG, you removed almost entirely high tier operation, save narai, for THREE YEARS, and now you nerf entire operation in the name of balans? this is it, you pull the last trigger, i’m uninstalling this game and thx for last FIVE year experience

    • they dont mention how much it is nerfed though, I missed cherry blossom and tier 7 french op a lot nowadays

    • its actually funny because during the CV rework they mentioned that adding new Operations and revitalizing old/removed ones was among the next on the list. Nearing a year and a half and still no word.

    • @N00T After the dumpster fire called ‘cv rework’, are you sure you want them to re-work Operations?

    • @eblingus with that mindset we might as well just say stop sending us updates to the game altogether.

  12. And Apollo 13 “almost” landed on a moon. XD

  13. a Polish cpt for my Swedish Destroyer… Nothing towards him personally but I would have prefered a Swedish cpt

  14. 4:00 – I’m glad it’s not just Americans that have trouble with Polish names.

  15. Love everything except the price of the research bureau,*actually the whole research bureau in general* really i gotta reset two lines for a special mode on one. . .

  16. I’m from poland:)

  17. “European destroyers” WHERE???
    all I see are Swedish ships…

    • Yeah only tier II and III are none Swedish. It still European because cruisers and battleships will probably be from more different countries.

    • Wargame Czirokay

      Tier I is ORP Gryf – a polish ship…soooo…yeah…sweden have their own tank line in WoT but here they are EU…

    • @Eugene Krabs we will see about that…
      and honestly i don’t think there will be many more other nations to be added to the “european” tech tree, for that they would have to search for other navy and to be honest what are you left with Spain, Portugal (good luck here,they didn’t have a relevenat navy since ww1, and they stind don’t,not if they decide to go forward with subs int game, the thing the blast in full longs that they where never be in the game), Greece maybe, but i don’t know much about they’re military, it looks like they will pulling of shit has usual from they’re asses with paper ships to fill in the gaps in the tech tree

    • Dimitris Oikonomou

      @sefhyro Greece had very strong destroyers. Immagine that the most successful allied destroyer until 1943 in the mediterenean was the Vasilissa Olga. It was a G class DD but with German guns and 2×4 torpedoes. A potent tier 7 premium if you ask me. Greece also had two battleships and had plans for a heavier one, the Salamis, pre dreadnaught but with torpedoes and 356mm guns. Finally we have Averof, an armored cruiser. During the Balkan Wars got the reputation of winning every naval battle against the ottomans alone (because the rest of the navy was too slow). The problem is that has two different gun callibers and too much armor for a tier 4 and bellow ship (while its guns are too low calliber for higher than tier 5 ship). Its actually a museum ship in Athens…one of a kind!

    • @Dimitris Oikonomou thanks… like i said i don’t know about greek military less alone regarding the navy, in case of Portugal there was the heavy cruiser “Adamastor” probably will be a low tier 2 maybe 3 considering it’s layout, other then that only the subs could be made part of the tech tree, the Albacora, and the Delfim, this with out entering more modern era type of ships, and even those must of the navy is more around costal defense, but even so i seriously doubt they will implement any Portuguese ships in the game…

  18. “Choose either a battleship or a carrier”

    That’s like asking me weather I would rather have a bloated pile of buffalo excrement, or a Hawker Hunter.

  19. I almost choked to death trying to pronounce that!

  20. It is easy to pronounce for us Scots in the morning still drunk from the night before, asking “Gie (Give) us a breakfast wi (with) it” Sounds about 90% the same!

  21. Put like, 5 minutes into your co-op vs ai, which is the most dependable way for veterans to cool down on some FUN missions and for newbies to get a grip on the game. NOT the same watered down AI missions you’e had for the past 4 years. ffs

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