Dasha Presents Update 0.9.4. Soviet Cruisers in Early Access

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Submarines, the Soviet Cruisers event, free enhanced consumables, Ranked Battles, and other improvements!

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new Update?
    Are you hyped for upcoming Submarines event?:)

  2. It’s time to make the Italian tree, with like ships who really did exist, rather than the fantasy blueprint only soviet ships…

  3. They actually finally brought back shell ricochet visuals!

    • @Igoryst what kind of AA animation?

    • Reed Dragon where you can actually see the aa mounts move and aim at the planes.

    • @Lud like the secondary? i was thinking that before, I think that was never happen

    • Reed Dragon yea but they removed it a long time ago

    • @Igoryst Nope. They’re still broken and hopefully WG fixes them soon. Interestingly the shell bounce animation was brought up many times recently on the wows subreddit, and all of a sudden they are added back in the next patch. Coincidence? I think not. Maybe WG just never got around to fixing it. Hopefully it’s the same with AA guns

  4. Nashiruddin Ahmad Kamil

    This makes the Soviet Navy third largest Navy in the game because of its more modern paper ships

    • Nguyễn Viết Thái

      @MrKiwi1960 Actually if the game dedicated to historical accuracy, Yamato will sit alone in tier X, and together with Midway and Des Moines……………bruh

    • @Nguyễn Viết Thái And your point is? Love you famous Vietnamese name sort of. I see you agree with with, there is NO historical accuracy in this game so they should stop claiming is IS “historical! “mate”

    • Thomas Dave Dumayac

      What the hell is going on here? Easy there lads, I was just being sarcastic no hate to the devs honestly. The bottomline is that World of Warships is just a game and in order to make it fun and add diversity to the game they would really need to incorporate non-historical ships, blueprints ships, planned ships and fantasy ships to keep the game alive. If not for those ships, this game would have stopped adding new updates in just 4 years of its existence.

      So please stop that historical non sense because it will never work in WoWs simply because it is an arcade game and not a naval simulator which needs to be accurately on point.

    • Nashiruddin Ahmad Kamil

      @Thomas Dave Dumayac I agree, and hopefully this ends here.

    • Muhammad Attallah Arkan Ihsani

      @Antonio Hagopian i agree, somehow no one is talking about British CA that somehow got both good HE (JP CA), Improved pen (German CA), and a fucking healprint. And in the meta where HE spamming so effective, no one realize that these new soviet CA suck balls at spamming HE because of their high reload time.

  5. soviet balans cruisers, the thing no one asked for

    • Florisato Lisoritonaro

      MasterNishk nah, war thunder doesn’t focus enough on bigger ship, majority of their ships are gunboats. Such as barely any BB… wow itself is a good game, but with horrible developers that barely listened to players outside of Russian(I guess?).

    • @Florisato Lisoritonaro well I hear the Russian community accuses the Devs of having a French bias as much as we accuse them of being russian biased

    • HorseCrazyViking

      Florisato Lisoritonaro that’s funny cause I heard that the Russians mostly play American ships.

    • That’s not true. Everyone wanted them. Search you feelings, you know it to be true.

    • Antonio Hagopian

      @MasterNishk -bourgogne and jean bart: reload booster on a bb VERY BALANCED
      Kleber: citadels kn cruiser from 13 km MORE BALANCE
      This is why they say french bias

  6. Shirosaki Ayumu

    *Uncle Joe’s wet dreams* still alive!

  7. Kingozediamonds

    when i saw the ricochet animation, i wondered if you can hit someone with a ricochet

  8. 2:18 “Best News EVER”

  9. I have nothing against submarines, but who needs more overpowered Russian ships that were never built and only existed on paper?

    • @Алексей Андросов Well the des Moines is at least a little bit accurate with auto loading. And the US gave the USSR thousands of tons of steel. The steel was used for railroads and tanks, which was the right decision.

    • @Алексей Андросов I am just happy to see the paper ships come to life. But since this is a game they have to give them “special” treatment to make one countries different from the other. Variety I think is good. Also it will force in new play styles to counter Russian ships. My worry is that there might be a little unbalance. But then again. People say the Montana is the weakest tier X BB, yet I have 200k damage average in it.

    • HorseCrazyViking

      Алексей Андросов so true! They couldn’t handle the real Soviet missile cruisers or missile submarines just as the Americans can’t handle it when someone puts the Stars & Stripes camo on a Soviet battleship.

    • @HorseCrazyViking I am American and I like the look on the ships. 🙁 Is it wrong to do that?

    • @titan sparta No. You do you.

  10. The new ricochet animation will be a new infuriating sight to see…

    EDIT: _Satisfyingly infuriating_

  11. “Their armor piercing shells are efficient. Even against battleships”

    Since they are more efficient against battleships than battleships shells are themselves I would call that the most stupid rusky bias understatement of the year.

    “The new cv:s after the rework is efficient. Even against destroyers.”

    Wow? Really?

  12. I understand that the Soviet pre cold war Navy had few models, but some of these ships were so far off the building plans that these ships would be impossible to actually achieve in real life back then.

    • Wg is still trying to please the RU community thats why we get more fantasy RU warships

    • KineticRhyme can wg just create a Russian version for this game? That way they can please their RU playerbase even more without disappoint the rest with their paperships and balansing. Since this game is a region locked anyway.

    • True. I can accept some paperships that they’re actually starts building but got canceled in the proccess like Stalingrad, Sov Soyuz, Kronshtadt. Others are either a design competition that failed or just fantasies.

  13. The only thing i am interested in in this update is the enhanced ricochet graphic

    • agreed..so ready for the low skill base to save up and get tier 10s without having to grind and develop skills. fire up the steamrollers!

  14. when did they removed the “AA GUNS TURNING” ? in the past they turned where from the planes came…

    • No clue. I think you are the only other person that remembers the AA guns animating. Turning on “animate small objects” no longer works for AA guns.

    • it was a bug which came with the carrier update. Because the Planes are now different enteties, and they where not programmed in as targets

  15. just rename all maps to “RandomBuchOfIslands” i don´t see any difference anymore 3:58

  16. Soviet cruisers: “their AP shells are highly effective, even against BB” What a big surprize lady. What a big surprize.

  17. Correction: The new ships perform best at ALL ranges.

  18. Please for the love of god don’t add in submarines

  19. You may be happy to announce, but most of us are unhappy to hear about, the introduction of submarines.

  20. The amount of “dislike” comments does not reflect in actual dislike(thumbs down)/ like ratios, we need to fix that

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