Dasha Presents Update 0.9.9. New U.S. Battleships in Early Access

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Early Access battleships, Clan , mercenaries, Research Bureau Update other new features. Be one of the first players lead new american battleships into !

Keep an eye out on the official website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!

If youR;re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends https://wo.ws/WoWSLegends


    • Another steal and RB ship. Can we expect something new for coal and Free XP in 0.9.10? Btw where are those 3 ex-steal ships Black, Neustrashimy and Flint? And give me my Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz too

    • the last part was the funniest

    • This has got to be by far the worst update your pathetic company has ever made.

    • Wargaming is run by people who look at you like hamsters on a hamster wheel, getting you to chase the ships grinding your time away into their game, while they don’t really give 2 shits about making it into a solid good game, just good enough to sell the attraction as it does.

    • Many time big upgrade! It stopped for me now because I ran out of disk space. Now what to do? One,I uninstall game…

  1. I am speed, these BBs are not

  2. I hope it gets buffed at least or else it’ll be dead on arrival.

  3. If you’re a masochist, these ships are for you.

  4. Arnold Af Apelkärna

    HE Spamming Ships: “It’s Free Real Estate”

  5. I just realized, WoWs never went into 1.0 phase

  6. That’s a german march while you were showcasing us BBs lol

  7. “These ships possess exceptional aa defences”

    define aa

  8. New Coastal artillery? Exiting.

  9. Don’t mind me I’m here to read the “these are slow mofos” comments.

  10. “Main Tourette’s”

  11. georgia is probaly going laugh at these new US battleships lol

  12. New US BBs Exists.
    Cruisers and HE Spammers: Is this Free Damage?

  13. I’ve played against about 20 of these new US BB’s while they were in test. To those who plan on grinding these lines i just want to say one thing.

    Thankyou for using a ship i can farm xp from while taking very little damage in return. They’re so bad it makes them great fun to play against 😀

    • yup. slow AF, slow reload. just fire farm targets.

    • I don’t think so, just they are slow but their damage is not that bad well Japanese have way more better accuracy and damage but americans with AP they may deal some kind of good damage, the key is not rushing idk tho I respect your opinion 😀

  14. I love how they follow up the “The new US BBs have great AA” with “Oh yeah the new TX carrier will make that irrelevant lmao”

  15. The new US BBs: if you enjoy the Colorado and being perpetually on fire

  16. 1:14 “the ships posses effective American anti-aircraft defenses” *destroys an F6F-5

  17. USN battleships are becoming WOT artillery – one shot per hour.

  18. “Water appears in many new shades” But still flat as a pancake.

  19. Naval designers: how wide and big you want the new battleships to he

    America: Yes

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