DB One Shot 65400 HP Moskva Without Detonation || World of Warships

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  1. 12 bombs!!!

  2. American piercing bombs destroys communist Stalinum.

  3. Perfect grouping is perfect!

  4. Fun and Engaging.

  5. Yeah this happens… every time you drop a Moskva..

  6. WoW 🙂 Bye Bye Ruski Moskva

  7. AP is ver y very trong Germán batteship AMD heavy cruiser

  8. Midway is OP

  9. Holy RNGesus…

  10. So, some more “Russian bias” got rebalanced :)))

  11. Good clan, good RNG

  12. Moskwa, standing, CV in the match, no defensive AA; again STANDING with an CV in the match… pls halp

  13. Alter Schwede was ein Hit

  14. I see no issue here. Dude was sitting still and reversing while cut off from support.

  15. i would’ve turned off my PC and went to the strip club.

  16. WG will never learn to BALANCE CVs. They re either complete Crap or extremely op…

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