De Grasse Cruiser | World of Warships Legends Console

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Review and gameplay replay of the De Grasse, the tier 5 premium French Cruiser in World of Warships WoWs Legends Console, the free to play game from Wargaming available on PS4 and XBox 1. French cruiser strategy and commander build in the De Grasse on the maps Neighbors and Estuary.


  1. My German ancestry prohibits me from buying this ship.

    I am looking for weaknesses. Does it play like a Scharnhorst with floaty projectiles? Does it have torpedoes?

    • It has torps. It’s a light cruiser though so nowhere near as durable as the scharnhorst

    • Bad things- worthless torps and slow rudder It’s extremely extremely accurate and ignites everyone on fire ? You can easily get 50 / 100 hits a game. Wrecks dds due to accuracy. Not a brawler. More a support ship for your bbs and burning everyone to the ground. U must kite

    • Citadel also towards back of the Ship like Japanese, I got 2 in Close Range in my Gaede.

    • BattlestarPegasus

      You and the French are best mates now, what you on about?

  2. Good effort mate I got 130 k damage in the New Orleans couple days ago love that ship also got 176k in the lightning see if you can beat that ??

  3. RoF is exaggerated. No Frenchman ever worked that hard.

    • Well you’ll notice ALL the secondaries are mounted on the stern to cover its retreat as it inevitably runs away from battle. Especially from ze Germans.

  4. Thank you for the early review man

  5. Current build – beyond range / igniter / punch through / steer clear / tennant as inspire. @tbull post your build and I’ll try it

  6. BattlestarPegasus

    Not planning on adding anything French to my fleet thank you 😛 But I’ll watch you play it. Thanks man.

  7. Commander Trait sounds interesting, Would work well for Destroyers to quickly stealth up i feel.

    • This particular version just applies to cruisers. A lot of the traits eventually get a version that applies to all classes, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see something like that down the line

  8. Great vid Tbull
    And you were right about the Tirpitz

    • The tirpitz works way better for me playing it how I play battleships. I’m sure for a lot of people it does great when they play it “as intended”

  9. Looking at this it’s like a Mini Atlanta or a Better Konigsberg.

    • It’s a demon of a light cruiser at t5

    • dgeneratio1 I was wondering same thing ?

    • It’s very similar to Nurnberg but better in my opinion. Can take more of a beating than Nurnberg, less torps but better range, guns are very similar with slower reload but better velocity, also I prefer having the extra turret on the bow rather than the stern as with Nurnberg. Overall it’s a fantastic cruiser

  10. Quite a spicy baguette. HONHONHON.

    With the speed boost, a speed flag and Von Muller’s trait this thing would be a rocketship.

  11. Great vid. That Commander too has the interesting ability to lower the ship concealment when speed boost is up.

  12. Great second Game ? Look like a good cruiser ? maybe i should buy it ?

  13. There is only the one commander to choose for this ship correct?

  14. That 2nd game reminds me of the old cavalry saying, oft quoted by Gen. Patton: “It was a glorious battle…the cavalryman charged in all directions at once, a pistol in each hand, and a saber in the other…” and you almost pulled it off…??

  15. Could this mean the French navy is coming next?

  16. GG Cheers for the update but Already! Jeez only just started on the German shizz. Wonder if we now get French Francs?
    Peas love and hor derves, Johnno Bloke.

    • Either the french of the Soviets presumably will start being introduced in the fall or spring depending on your perspective

  17. Not really worth it for me as a ship, Aoba provides me with lots of enjoyment at this tier. That commanders base trait tho….

    I have to have him.

  18. Bought this on your advice…it was great advice…I love that little baguette! Thanks man!

  19. According to every piece of media I’ve come across in 30 years regarding WWII, Aoba is pronounced like (ay-oh-bah). Idk how so many people still don’t know this. Hearing EVERYONE pronounce it (oh-ba) makes me cringe.

  20. Still a pay to win ship in a pay to win game.
    Fanbois can defend all they want but still pay to win.
    You can see how they will take the world of tank route…premium tanks will be op and given preferantial treatment.
    Then those tanks will be nerfed in the future for the new wave of premium tanks…and so on and so on. (Watch…it will happen).
    Want to stay good…keep buying the best.

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