De Grasse – new french premium cruiser carry || World of Warships

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MCFJester – De Grasse tier 6 premium french cruiser

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  1. Ya know what kills me, is this how the T6 we have was meant to be but they nerfed that and are introducing the same ship just with less reload as a premium

  2. Real nice teammates & opponent chat. Solid game on Jester’s part, but WoWs community is becoming League-level toxic.
    P.S. Camping & Good positioning seems to be lost on the enemy team…

  3. can somebody help me to understand how to setting this Pointing system ? I use a cross-link, i would try to change but I can’t find it from the settings…

  4. Rahadyan Pandu Wiryawan

    welp de grasse will not be added in the german CV line

  5. ne normale kreuzer runde…nix besonderes, 4. und 5. kill einfach nur abgestaubt und ne Menge ,,hinter Inseln gammeln,, – bekommt jeder hin.

  6. French Quality 😉

  7. XtRm-EroTiiiK Clan

    great cheater gamer

  8. I surrender!

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