Decisive Moment in Gearing AA – World of Warships

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AA built Gearing gets into a really intense game. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Destroyer Gearing Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. AA destroyer? That was unexpected

  2. Notser: (turn away from BB AP)
    BB: (Hit Notser with AP)
    Notser: Bad touch

  3. TheLordDeliverence

    Your a little slow with changing your AA side Notser.

  4. I`m new on this channel and just wanted to say hi 🙂
    p.s. tnx4share

  5. Why youtubers Always plays op stuff?
    OP tanks, OP ships, OP planes…
    Sooooooooo Bo0OOOring and lame.

    • General Cartman Lee

      But DDs are unplayable now.
      DDs were killed by removing stealth fire.
      DDs were killed by introducing RPF.
      DDs were killed by radar.
      DDs were killed by the CV rework.
      I’m confused…

  6. So tired out all the focus being on tier 10.

  7. Now you know Everbody and their father, are going to use this build on the Gearing……

  8. i dont think a ship that fires every 3 seconds gives up a lot just because you dont have the module stop been silly man and i just find it silly how this little thing puts out more AA then some T10 BB that have AA guns all over the ship

  9. Fun game. Useful commentary. Thx

  10. Kind of sad that you have to full spec aa now.

  11. *”Manual AA,” >_>*

    (a thing not in wows)

  12. At no point were they in front, you had 2 caps and points advantage. You could have just sailed off to C and capped you didn’t need to stay on B.. CV just resets them a few times.

  13. You got full spec T10 AA , against a t8 CV .. you should own him !

  14. God I hate the RNG clan with a passion. Buncha complaining no skill players.

  15. Used to love the AA Sims build but that troll build just got avoided by Aircraft carriers. I might bring it back for fun.

  16. Loved the enemy team whiner in the comments at the end. Nothing is more satisfying than to see the enemy cry about “unfair” treatment by our own teammate’s efforts.

  17. why don’t you run the bad words filter if you’re going to upload? lol

  18. so many people like to blame one person for a loss, it’s amazing.

  19. Longer reload sucks, but those 16.5 KM Torps can be VERY USEFUL! Unlike Shima’s 20km set…

  20. Is Grozo close to Gearing for AA efficiency?

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