DEEP WATER MONSTER – World of Warships

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This might just be my best match in Asashio, the tier 8 premium IJN DD.

It has deep water torps that can only hit BBs and CVs, but it does have good guns and concealment. If you know how to use them properly you can get A LOT out of this ship, as long as the game lasts ofc.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Mentions the old man.

    Immediately gets a ship name wrong.

    Its infectious

  2. The end was brutal. Pigs to the slaughter doesn’t even begin to describe it.

  3. Discussing the end below the break

    Man, that scenario at the end was every Asashio captain’s wet dream. Two BBs, side-on, forced to take an extremely predictable path. Satisfying to see after such a hard-fought game.

  4. Epic game Flambass! Pleasure to watch a master in action

  5. “To be honest it is really easy for a cruiser like asashio to kill two enemy CVs on their way to cap” – The Old Man

  6. I Have had games like this in an Asashio. Once had an 8 kill game, couple of 6 kills, a few Krakens. When you play the ship right, it can be a blast! In one of those games I got a couple of torpedoes into an NC, and got a perma-fire kill right before the clock ran out to secure the victory.

  7. No CV, no subs, just walls of skill. What a beautiful match.

    • Yeah. Almost looks like cheating the audience… choosing 1 of 100 games which didn’t have neither the sky cancer nor the underwater one. And only one radar in a T9 game. And five tasty battleships. Come on. It is even more rare than 1 of 100.

  8. That was beautiful, those last torpedoes… perfect.

  9. That ending was beautiful. Just… beautiful.

  10. I was Nagato in this battle, saw this live. Crazy plays Flambass, 300 iq player.

  11. That was ART. Synchronized sinking right there.

  12. Best DD player I’ve ever seen. I know you love your De Moine but the Spectacular games always seem to happen when you’re playing a DD. A double strike to close out the match is just WOW!

  13. How many opportunities like that ever present themselves in WoW? That ending was just masterful.

  14. Now that was a damn fantastic match to watch, the triple DD team and all the torp plays? Phenomenal. The finale? Spectacular.

    Do send this one to Jingles for sure, I’m sure he’d feel like he’d sat down and enjoyed some fine cuisine by the end.

  15. My man was All Chatting “gg boys” when he knew it was too late for them to do anything about his torps.

  16. Paid actors has to be lol

  17. Hey bud, that was a really cool game. And everybody in this video actually tried to work together, that doesn’t happen very often unless your divisioned up. I hope your vacation to Britain went well, Paul is also one of my favorite content makers. Take care and cheers from Canada.

  18. The DD teamwork almost bought a tear to my eye…

  19. 15:39 A real feast for Asashio. Full HP BBs.

  20. The carnage in the last 5 minutes is just… EPIC! GLORIOUS!! GOLDEN!!!
    Man, seldom do you see Flambass that happy with himself and deservedly so.
    I celebrated just as he did! XD
    DEFINTELY Jingles material.

  21. So beautiful

  22. @Ushio01 you just know these guys were raging bout torps being OP after and not realizing they could have just hit their A or D key at any point and lived xD

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