Defending the Weak Side Flank – World of Warships

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Discussing how best deal with being on the Weak Side of a Flank, where you have to fight off stronger numbers. Hope you have a wonderful day I’ll catch you next time!

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  1. Aggressive retreat feels like all I can do in the Bismarck ?

  2. Good video Noster. This is the number one way that I can tell right at the beginning of a match if we’re going to lose or not if if everyone abandons the flank

  3. Very detailed and helpful. Hopefully people will wake up to this and games will get less one-sided all the time

  4. Me in a musashi and a JEAN bart held a flank which conveniently had a bunch of enemy BBs. That helped my teammates to kill of most of the enemy and flank the 5 enemy BBs. Tanked about 3 million before sinking

  5. Nicholas Jensen

    In terms of the concealment expert nerf. What should I put in place for my Yamato Captain when I already have a full tank build? Switch it to manual AA or invest in other tank build stuff like Jack of All Trades and High Alert?

  6. Radoslav Trenev

    I don’t know if you read comments, but I think you should focus on doing more videos like this instead of ship reviews and impressions. I’ve learned a lot from you and I think you can teach more people to play decently and make the game a tad more enjoyable. Also maybe do videos on how to play specific ships with greater details. For example where to aim with Yamato at the different ships and different ranges, how to angle, different builds and their respective play styles. Thanks for your content 🙂

    • Radoslav Trenev Agree, and also, feels Noster’s ship review video is not very objective. Like recent example Yoshino and Georgia P2 review. Yoshino has been described something like Azuma which the gun is not very good and the armour is Vulnerable. Then Georgia.. I can’t recall how many times of “I’m excited..” I heard because Georgia P2 is a secondary ship and we all know Noster loves secondary ship. Here is the thing, I believe Yoshino and Azuma is not a bad ship. I have a friend who has 72% win rate and 120k avg damage with Azuma. It’s definitely not for Noster, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad ship. Well, I know people have their preference and will always have. However, as an influencer you are Noster. I felt you should say something like, this ship not fits me, but it might be good at something something. Something more objective. Anyway, wish Noster keep making nice video and good luck fair seas.

    • Radoslav Trenev

      +Gaetan De Ly yeah that’s what I meant. He does a good job of describing a ship’s capabilities and what s happening in the game he’s playing, but I’d like to know what to do in a different situation against different ship types. Even if that means the video would be ‘less entertaining’ and maybe he loses the game. I’d love to learn more.

    • Yes. Ive seen Notser since 2016 and he taught me a lot

    • Games like this are just a reconfirmation of how smart and disciplined Notser can be at this game. It’s just that a lot of video’s don’t allow him to showcase his inventory of tactics, which lends to what you’re saying. If he’s uploading a video specifically to talk about methods, it’s more focused by nature.

    • An episode in this style covering most maps and likely spawns would be well received.

  7. Can we give the Des Moines a litle more credit for the work he did on the weak flank? Yes, he needed to break away and conduct a fighting retreat instead of staying kemped. But I think he likely did some good spotting for you and certainly helped delay the enemy. I think he deserves better than being used as an example of an outdated tactic and what NOT to do.
    He probably aided the victory more than some of the other flank’s lemmings. Just sayin . . .
    ED: Great video though, Notser. I love that you did it on the subject of fighting on the weak flank. It’s a subject near and dear to my heart . . .

    • Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

      I agree. He occupied the entire enemy team for over 5 minutes, prevented them taking the cap (because they were too cautious IMO), and then lured them into broadsiding against a TierX BB. He was going to die sooner or later (he would have been better off in a torpedo cruiser w/smoke I think), but his sacrifice was important to the team’s success. Was that sacrifice deliberate or part of a team strategy? Of course not, but he was still very useful.

    • +Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning Agree, if you hold them back and delay the cap its a good trade, PLUS he almost made the ram, I thought he did well considering the situation with their team all going to one point except for the 3.

    • Wild_Lee Coyote

      He got stuck in a bad spot, but he did make the most of it. He took very little damage for a long time, baiting shots that hit the island or missed. By being there he drew focus and made them hesitate. Notser protected him with constant fire so they couldn’t swamp his position. It is a great example of what to do in a bad spot. He didn’t throw the ship away, he made them fight and die for every kilometer of they pushed in. Just look at how long and how many ships it took them to cap A. It was when the Des Moines fell. Hell of a good job by both of them.

    • Notser is right about the Des Moines and on point, otherwise you are not seeing the broader picture..

  8. Great video, great explanations of game dynamics, this is how you lose or win games.

  9. Notser blasted me into oblivion yesterday, those torps were practically waiting for me as I sailed between those islands on the A side of Tears of the Desert. I was just like “Well, there you go”

  10. Notser – THIS IS A WONDERFUL TEACHING TOOL!! I have to agree with Trenev, also. What I learn here, will make the game more enjoyable for my team mates and my self. Please, teach us tactics.

  11. Nathan Hartanto

    Well, that is considering the team is competent enough. Which happena exaxtly 0% of the time outside of CC videos. Sigh.

  12. you must have some pretty developed shoulders by now notser, with all the team carrying you do lol

  13. Superb lesson, @Notser. instead of just showing us how then enemy lost, you said why. We ought to be able to improve our own games now.

  14. 50Sfumature DiNiente

    Lol you ended the match with the exact same damage i got in my first game in monty ( yesterday). Awesome video like always, keep it up ^^

  15. I ended up in a match yesterday that you were in on the same time.. I think our team lost like 2 to 4 ships don’t remember which. You were off on the other flank, while myself in my HSF Harekaze (TL_Warlord_Roff) along with 1 BB one cruiser and thankfully attention now and again from the CV air as we delt with about half the enemy team. I bagged first blood on an enemy DD, and blasted a Tirpitz into the after life as he tried to get sneaky. As the losses built up the other team waffled like falling domino’s (as it usually happens) and collapsed.. the remaining ships on the flank turned and ran into the rest of the team guns (IE: Yours!) You were top of the score board, I was number 3. I noticed you were in like Sinop or some other new ship, I didn’t even notice you were in match till someone mentioned your presence. Much focus, good game.. not so much for the other team.. they got totally pwn’d.

  16. I think Notser would benefit from boxing lessons or weightlifting or something.

  17. Oh come on NOtser, those salvos to that Henri at the start were god awful,

  18. Seeing you kept undershooting the henry knowing his speed boost was on was very frustrating to watch.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      Or even if for some reason you don’t realize the engine boost is on for the first salvo, don’t use the same lead time for the next salvo and expect the shells to land somewhere else relative to the Henri

    • I thought the same…..first salvo miss and instead of giving more lead, he tried the same thing again ….

  19. Lemming train is something alot more prevalent since the cv rework so are blobs so is the lack of motivation to move in and engage. I see this type of game everyday. Usually the ones holding the weaker flanks die then call everyone else on the other side useless or use the uneducated word of noob not knowing what it really means. As long as wg rewards damage above anything else people will lemming because sitting behind ships that take damage so you can farm is part of the new meta. Want to change it reward spotting, tanking, defending caps more and spotting for a team mate you just smoked up. I remember when i first played wows i couldn’t stop playing it, loved it. Now if i was to play it for the first time i dare say it would not have the same impact on me. Wg talks about balance yet every line they bring out is stronger then the old to entice you to grind it. The meta wont change, people wont change unless your reward them to change.

  20. Dude, I’m sure many would consider this boring from the standard perspective but that was a lot of wisdom on display! I really enjoyed how you dealt big damage without the enemy realizing what a vital part you were playing. It’s always surprising how dangerous a retreating BB like the MT can be, when the enemy lowers their guard, because your movements mitigate their recognition of danger. These weak flank games can be very difficult for an aggressive player like yourself, so to watch what you did was quite satisfying. Keep up the great work man!

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