Define the moment team is gone – World of Warships

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Sometimes you feel like you’re winning but you’re actually losing, and you’re losing big time. You really need to take a look around, check the minimap, health pools, positions and evaluate what went wrong.

This is the one of those games where it looks like we’re winning…until we ain’t anymore.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Ranked = Survive another week in an abusive relationship.

  2. This game is in such a sad state…

    • But hey at least the Roosevelt is the most balanced carrier in history! We haven’t even got round to witnessing the absolute balans from Soviet CVs yet, but when they come, wow will the game be balanced!

    • even war robots is so gone , the good old days when a griffin with orkans and pinnatas would take out almost anything was WR’s good days . Even I quit the game .

  3. Surprise when they came behind you… when your team has fallen back so far that the enemy can lap you

  4. That Akatsuki was just there for comedic relief, I’m convinced.

    • Must have been from Poland and proud of it, those are always speciul “players”…

    • @Streng Geheim I’m from Poland but you can’t put all Poles in the same sack. BTW if he would be there in my team I would smack with Polish cursing from A to Z.
      My in game nick is MacArthur92, I’m not amazing player by any means but 1700 PR currently (started with 800) is ok.

    • @SebaX 😂 Just talking from my ingame experience, I hear you.

    • Obviously a paid actor! LOL

    • @Streng Geheim there are some good Polish clans still there like WIDMO, GRAY, QTAZ. But year after year there’s less good Polish players. They leave the game for many reasons, CV rework, research bureau, Puerto Rico, Santa boxes (Makarov). Last year one of the oldest unicuum Polish clans (MS-B) shrinked cause players left. It’s sad, and more you’re not likely to bump into such potatoes. As I said I’m always picking up on them exposing their poor performance, or when they do stupid things / kill steal.

  5. Games these days: full of suiciders and here or there some entitled super unicum who has nothing to show for himself in life except him no-lifing this game …sad

  6. looks like my win rate. just 20 more loses and over the course of months.

  7. “I can’t go there with a Neptune, I mean I can” 😂

  8. That Aka was on another level of Speshul.

  9. In the table score, the Aka was in the middle lmao

  10. 5:07 HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA LUUUUL, I laughed for an hour straight, I wouldn’t have believed that too if it wasn’t for the video

  11. A Google User anonymous

    “The intelligence of this player…” lololol Flambass. Sour this morning.

  12. Rasmus Dyhr Frederiksen

    Sometimes you just need a relaxing smoke 😉

  13. he smoked and rpf torped lol when you watch he torped the colarado heading . my friend i played with used to do stuff like that all the time , torp the line without looking if an island was in the way used to drive me crazy lol

  14. I’ve stopped asking “what” and “why” in this game..the conviction with which stupid shit is done in this game is second to none..just let your blood boil everytime..

  15. I completely understand why Aka played the way he did. He just doesn’t understand positioning and game mechanics aka he’s bad.

    He saw mid pushes before and thought to himself “I’m a DD, a perfect class to defend pushes in a confined space”. But he misunderstood that as an *only* DD he’s way more valuable with the rest of his team and that BBs/cruisers can deal with a mid push without isolating themselves.
    Hell, he probably doesn’t even know that he’s the only DD in the team, since you need to actively check for it to get that info.

    Then he smokes up because he doesn’t understand how smoke works. After all, he saw some ships while he was in smoke before, right? The game gives you absolutely no feedback on if you’re spotting someone or not so it’s natural he never got to know the mechanics. And he doesn’t want to get spotted by a potential BB/CA rushing mid.

    Then he pre-torps because he expects someone to rush mid at full speed. If someone did, that would’ve been an interesting surprise. But obviously nobody competent rushes mid without info about the rest of the team.

    About the friendly fire, it was on him. He probably was zoomed in and didn’t see Flambino rushing in.
    The rest of his play… it was noting special. Not good and probably inspired by Coop bots, but nothing too outrageous. I’m guessing he tried to make a run for the backline, since he didn’t have good angles in the channel exit. But at least he’s gonna learn that rushing CA in a DD is an instant death.

  16. At least the Aki driver has <1,000 battles played, that's a decent excuse.

  17. I just saw flambass getting 3 torps from a teammate then compliment the guy 😂

  18. “It’s all good so long as the roses are growing on your side of the garden.”

    I think this SHOULD mean something… but I’m clueless as to what that something is. 😛

  19. When I stopped playing with the mindset that my team would helpful, my win rate and player score went through the roof.

  20. Reminds me of a stallingrad I had earlier, used 3 radars randomly and typed in chat “safe” each time, even tho we knew damn well where the 3 dd’s were and they weren’t ever in range of him until he’d used em all

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