Derfflinger – World of Warships

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German tier 5 BB, technically a BC but since they don’t officially exist in WoWS, it’s a BB.

I was actually quite surprised with how good german BC line is in WoWS. I free exp all the way to tier 10 (which I totally would NOT advice newer players to ever do) so I now had to go back and check out the lower tiers. Not bad, not bad.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Aaah the Derpflinger

  2. Solomons is better than 2 brothers

  3. Derfflinger… sounds like a Bond villain.

  4. This ship is dangerous and does not descriminate.. it just goes around flinging derfs at everything!

  5. Василий Сахаров

    Flambass and “Iron Dog”, interesting combo

  6. Will there be more mechabellum videos? I really liked them…

  7. please correct the title: name of ship is DerpFlinger

  8. thank you for waiting for that CV to die

  9. Dirtflinger and Mackensen are absurd for their tier. The Mack is literally unstoppable in ranked.

  10. Dead to “Piggy-greed.” =-[.]-=

  11. Ahh the good old Derp Flinger 😉

  12. It’s a nice challenge to get good stats in all of your ships, but if you do it in divisions and consider one battle to be enough, it loses a lot of meaning.
    Now if you were to set a minimum of 10 or 20 battles solo, it would make more sense.

  13. my favorite map. so many noob memories and battles always cut to the chase.

    • For me, thats estuary. I got to the fiji and then caught that map with it a hundred times. It was my top played ship, by a lot for a solid two years.

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