Des Moines 292K DMG – 3.773 Base XP – AP ONLY || World of Warships

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  1. thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]


  2. The poor lad got ks-ed so many times ! I’m a bit sad for him, actually 😮

  3. AP only stupid? Fake title

  4. Vũ Hoàng Nguyên

    Hehe live 6

  5. Let’s see,HE already used within 3 minutes of the replay

  6. A more fitting title for this video would have been:” Drooling triple BB potato division showing off how many gallons of glue they drank for breakfast”…I mean hell yes, that triple Großer Kürfürst division is just gold.

  7. WoW you go Des Moines.

  8. Not only ap

  9. stop seeing when eating Fletcher’s torp at the beginning, absolutely noob

  10. A delayed April fools

  11. Fuckin vegans…

  12. Unneeded clickbait. HE is used several times in this battle (in the correct situations too) vs Fletcher, Tirpitz and Bismarck. The title is just intentionally wrong and I don’t see the need, this was a monster game anyway.

    …well precluding the fact that the whole red team was your usual collection of dumbasses who don’t know how to manage their ship after thousands of battles losing their way up to tier 10. But let’s face it, against any competent team it’s impossible to achieve monster scores like this, and good players are actually more rare than potatoes so that this was against a team of idiots, it’s kind of a given just by reading the damage tally in the title.

    Anyway, useless unneeded clickbait. Downvoted for that reason.

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