Des Moines 310k DMG AP Monster || World of Warships

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  1. uncarryable team ;;

  2. I dont know to much about Worcester but if he doesnt have smoke des moines it’s x100 time better

  3. No team scores?

  4. Designated defeat still won’t change even any gestures were done

  5. 白銀大和*Bayern.ヤマト

    Two times he misused the radar….
    Also lack of map awareness…not surprising how this dude lost
    This is actually not uncarryable, its just him being selfish literally since after radaring the chung mu in the beginning. This is a best example of displaying ignorance of teamplay. Just farming damage ain’t gonna win you games.

  6. 5 team members of a clan 2 divisions of Atlas probably with TS communication and can even carry the game?questionable title for this video

  7. Well played by the des moines, he got rid of 2 enemy CA and helped with 1 dd. Also tried to help at B but all of his team died at A. Only so much you can do as 1 player. Ignore the other trolls, you played this well. It’s good you made use of the quick reload to switch ammo.

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