Des Moines 3682 base xp || World of Warships

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3682 base xp ||
MoorsoldatDE X

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  1. That crazy fight from 3:15 to 7:15. Amazing!!!

  2. Nice played 👍👍👍

  3. Des Moines in the right Hands is a BEAST! sadly i suck in it 😀
    you like it ?

  4. That Bismarck crashes the Montana tho

  5. Is there a mod that assigns languages to each nationality of ship in game or is this something that mr. Knacker does?

  6. its good to gave BB push into cap together with DM, while enemy dealing with BB, DM just can pew pew pew n burn them all..her fire starter pretty good with her monster DPM..burn baby burn!!!

  7. nah – bad dm captain

  8. Sebastian Wolfram

    So bad DM player, there stands 3 BB´s broadside to him and he use HE, only HE… after the first 6 mins in this round, he should have done over 100k Dmg only against these 3 BB´s !!

  9. I love this ship. it the only t10i have the prem camo on.
    Has anyone else noticed that the only dd in the game now are russia? i have not seen a ijn or us dd in several days.
    this is because all russan dd are op every single one. the Khaba is powered by stuped i dont waant to se one on my team i wish it was taken out of the game.
    I am afraid that when the british bb comes out with 40 percent fire, 12 km stealth, great guns and heal that just stuped that my des will not have a place.
    what do you think?

  10. Nice play bro!

  11. I am running reload on this ship. Tryed range but could not anyhtin at 17km anyway and most fights happen under 15 anyway. What mod is everyone running

  12. kristian csismaru

    gg end nice played

  13. i love des moines recently got it but i dont have bb players like the ones he had. they actually tanked for him XD

  14. I still want to see a replay where someone breaks a damage record by detonating multiple full health bbs

  15. 3:27 3 bursts of 3 696 damage successively ! =O

  16. Best cruiser in my opinion.

  17. can anyone help me to find no scaling crosshair?

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