Des Moines 3918 Base XP 73 plane kills || World of Warships

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Player: pwstyx
Map: Two Brothers

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  1. 14:09 – Cue Torpedobeats

  2. No to take away from this guy but I mean the CV did a lot of work. High Caliber, Confederate, and Kraken. would have loved to see his game

  3. all i see is luck, he didn’t even focus DM’s AA on incoming enemy air plains, point and click how hard can it be.

    and your aiming needs WORK.

  4. That CV won them the game

  5. boring, the guy is a vegetable

  6. “AA guns are blazing when the sky is turning red…”

  7. it’s not so much about how many ships u sink or medals u earn, it’s how much u contributed to the team.
    he played the objectives and shot down A LOT of planes that otherwise would have been attacking his teammates.
    Admittedly, the enemy CV player focused on the Des Moines too much. I’m not a CV player myself but even I know you don’t go after top tier American ships when there are other targets with weaker AA to attack first.
    I am surprised though the Des Moines didn’t earn a Clear Skies achievement with so many planes shot down.

  8. “T10 CVs” Yea…I think I should fly over this Des Moins. This is safe!

  9. Nothing special about this player sorry… i just see a stupid CV in this game focus a DES Moines for 20 minute’s and make loose he’s team!! If the enemy Midway will target other ship, the ened of the battle will be different

  10. I got 68 plane kills and 3 frags with my Minotaur it was a late night battle i was the only Tier X ship in a Tier VIII battle was fun though

  11. Check 13.59, where did that torp come from??

  12. wonder if that CV really have no better choice but to send plane toward Des Moines’s AA = =*

  13. i don t get it why people often don t use the repair kit… he has so much time wher ehe could use it to get some extra life…… rly don t get it with some players why.

  14. boring!!

  15. 73… the meme lives on. Stupid ginger

  16. Christopher Matarazzo

    is that a specific voiceover for the americans or can you get it for any?

  17. Alexandru Izvoranu

    My compliments go ti Barte for killing, this guys BB friend. I first saw this game from his perspective.

  18. Meteors falling around a Des Moins… Romantic! ^^

  19. i like the map i like you game bro nice game bro like

  20. that BB A Division…

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