Des Moines – 3,9k exp 307k damage – World of Warships

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Des Moines – 3,9k exp 307k damage – World of Warships
_Fusionhero_ X Des Moines
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  1. First

  2. First in Poland 😛

  3. spam he only and camp behind rock 11 min clap clap

  4. Poor enterprise, that’s why you get for let the planes fly over DM,dont ever try to upset T10 cruisers,their aa bite planes

  5. best part of the des moines is the super heavy AP , pity this guy doesn’t know this or he could of done even more dmg . he still spams he even though he has the dots already going !

  6. The large part of this battle could never happen again with the current smoke changes. And I think that’s good. It was cool though him going up against those two battleships.

  7. 2 nukes wasn't enough

    Planned platoon… fk

  8. AP is for commies lol

  9. pew-pew piece of shit. not interesting

  10. Those guns didn’t stop firing for 14 minutes straight.

  11. Aleksandar Djordjevic

    I don’t understand what was enemy Enterprise thinking by sending waves and waves of his planes near DM. First wave was slaughtered but he continued sending more. Looked like he wanted to lose all the planes 🙂

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