Des Moines | 5 Kills | 314k Damage || World of Warships

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Player: BlackTorp Ship: Des Moines Map: Shatter

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  1. what is your favorite tier 10 cruiser ? i think if you ask me i still have to say its my first one…good old Zao 🙂

  2. I was in the game with deathfromabove2014 haha I remember this guy played good.

  3. I only have the DM at tier 10 in the cruisers, grinding through Chappy to get to Moskova. The only 2 games I have above 200k are in the Des Monies. Both within the last 2 weeks, first was a 203k and then a 220.9k. I still smile thinking about those.

  4. That weird guy named bob from your yoga place

    Those American Piercing shells are no joke.

  5. you are too flambouyant. just show the vid without all the extra crap

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