[Des Moines] 9 Kills Personal Record || World of Warships

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  1. Russian Bias always protect.

    I hope the American cruisers – Des Moines and Worcester will get Nerf. They are too effective and powerful thanks to the large DPM. Sure, they have medium armor and high shell trajectory, but that means they can do damage with impunity – camping behind island. And slow shells? – you shoot every 4/5 seconds, so what’s the problem? This ships are simply pathetic…
    I suggest to neft their reload to 5/6 seconds. Fortunatelly Wooster will get neft due to the IFHE nerf, but still, this is unhealthy…

    • He did 218k damage because 3 enemy cruisers were kind enough ti give him broadsides for 10 citadels. Also because enemy team was kind enough to attack one by one so he could just focus on one target and keep farming damage without getting flanked. Especially that his own battleship stayed far behind. He was very lucky.

      Also remember that Des Moines have high rate of fire but low fire chance. Other cruisers get extra damage from fires. Des Moines gets it from rate of fire.

      And last but not least – I don’t need any ship nerfed or buffed.
      Is it rare to see someone getting 2 or 3 kills in a game? No.
      Does it mean that his ship was 2-3 times better? Of course not – he just player better or got more lucky

    • dont feed the troll!!

    • Yah, nerf the T10 cruiser that requires the highest amount of skills to play? OFC. Complain about camping? At least US and UK cruisers play close to objectives, unlike the other border huggers who just keep spamming HE from max distance, bow on, reversing and have enough armor that even BBs cannot do anything to them. Ow wait, they are russians, your fav kind.

  2. 귀여운건못참는다

    nice shot


  4. The Sailing Robin

    You finally feel the POWAH of the meme!

  5. Game camping

  6. American cruisers were more gunboats than Japanese cruisers were more torpedo boats and few gunboats since the Japineses had the doctrine Kantai Kessen or Doctrine of the Decisive Battle, which was a superandi mode, consisting of torpedo attacks of the destroyers and light cruisers combined of Artillery attacks from heavy cruisers and battleships supported by air attacks from the aircraft carriers of the imperial fleet or combined fleet and destroy the American fleet in a single battle.

  7. Максим Че

    Кустодрот! Диз!

  8. Кемпер островной?

  9. Wow. One Comes out broadsiding, gets blabbed, and all the others go “Oh, thats how we win?” Still waiting for those kinds of games.

  10. I bet the Assasio commander was the best of the server, truly special ???

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