Des Moines – AP on Battleships 308K DMG || World of Warships

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  1. 10:47 WTF Moskva?

    • Yees, smoke…. at 6km… Broadside to DM with fucking radar… Bright idea. Dumbest move of WOWs, of all time.

    • SirNasher ……I think because his engine was damaged and he/she was not able to move from there 🙁 If he had an repair party and he did not use it and that is……just an idiot

    • 2 nukes wasn't enough

      Fumiya Goshi yes his engine broken by yamato shoot… and when he used repair desmoine broken again by citadel shoot

    • Maybe, but he reverse before he got shoot by Yamato. My question is why he try to do that…. Seriously, i play Radar Cruisers very often and very often i see cruisers/destroyers dont try to run away….but stop COMPLETLY and drop smoke…

  2. I want the Des Moines so bad right now

  3. – “Killer mode activated, sir.”
    – “Roger”

  4. Lol. The chat at 13:30.

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