Des Moines ASIA vice Record DMG || World of Warships

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  1. Spineking Jørgensen

    *Thats a lott’a damage*

  2. First?
    There’s like 44 views so I’m not hoping for anything

  3. the intros are quite different and creative I like them alot

  4. Edilson Oliveira Dos Santos

    Jogo muito como muita vontade .?

  5. why CV push ?… just hidden and ez win … 334503

  6. Авик их рак, слил победу. Сидел бы по тихому, то по очкам бы выиграли.

  7. Wow. Great finale.

  8. Camping behind island all game, no skill

    • Take a look at what happens with his health at the end when the Conqueror and Yamato shoot at him. Now ask yourself how long you think he’s gonna survive if he’s in open water instead of using island cover to his advantage.

    • +iFartz I can’t remember which CC comment some time ago that American CA are more useful at the end of the game if they have a good amount of health,that the best way to play them is go AFK for the first 5 minutes and stay hidden until 10 minutes mark and then play more aggressive, not yolo,

    • +George Gkavlos Yea, and tbh you could argue that’s the case with a lot of cruisers. Take the Hipper aswell for example: Dealing with a full hp Hipper late in the game where the player has the chance to close the distance and make use of the turtleback armour, torps and hard-hitting AP can be a tall task for most tier 8 ships assuming the Hipper plays his cards right.
      Cruisers simply can’t shrug off the damage BBs will inflict on them at long range, combined with the damage done by other cruisers, CVs and even DDs. Later on in the game however there’s less enemies alive, and that will give you more options when it comes to sneaking up on enemies, angling against all threats, and generally positioning yourself properly before starting a fight.

    • +George Gkavlos well in that case i DO play DM, even if its a salem – same thing. the thing i am mad about is not the fact that hes playing that ship as its supposed to be (he had to camp due to no support on that flank, id do the same), but i am mad about panzerknacker for uploading something named “epic fight” but then shows someone camping 3/4 of the match

    • +Mike F ok I understand you now

  9. Please hotfix!

  10. He’s such a spaz going between his aiming and viewing that if he’d just slow down by a 1/5th of a second, he’d get a lot more hits. There were times when he’d fire 3 salvo’s and not hit anything because he was preoccupied looking over his shoulder rather than the aim indicator.

  11. Vice Record,nice one ???

  12. I see people complain about players in this match, but guys…


  13. no skills showing

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