DES MOINES ATTACK – If it Works it isnt Stupid || World of Warships

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  1. Love the tittle

  2. I love the dank memes.

  3. baltimore biggest chicken that never saw a kfc from ze inside

  4. This man is just craaaaazy.

  5. Aggressive but somewhat stupid; Des Moines is strong at mid-close range but cannot tank like Hindenburg or Moskva. A Montana or Yamato even looks at you with AP loaded and you can be citadel through the nose. He got extremely lucky no enemy BB decided to focus him charging in like that.

    • Charging at times is better than running away if in range. Done it many times and prevailed.

    • well, i’d tell you that I woulnt do that with my hindenburg, while it can tank a lot, basically it doesnt have the fire power of the DM to take out so many enemies alone. If it were 2-3 cruisers without BBs near, i would charge, or 2 BBs alone i would charge as well. But int his situation i would’mt think of charging alone to 1/2 of the red fleet.

    • At times, usually mid game when there are about 5-6 ships remaining on enemy team. Not when the entire enemy team is still standing.

  6. i need this guy to sail along my montana.

  7. DES MEME attack! 😀

  8. Impressive and lucky

  9. This player should thank the cyclone

  10. He had chance storm battle but anyway good play

  11. Good example that point A is not needed.

  12. I never have that much fun in my Des, great work

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