Des Moines Damage Record NA – 350K || World of Warships

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  1. Galder Goiriastuena

    1st comment 🙂

  2. Yan Lou David Song

    Spotter plane can definitely get you some more dmg, but when considering about team contribution, Radar comes first

    • Using Spotter plane with the 1 point captain perk for two planes and special upgrade brings you 12km radar that lasts 2 minutes. That brings a lot of contribution to a team. The only weakness is those that hide in smoke in caps, in those cases it brings that weakness to the match. Each build setup has its pros and cons.

    • Team contribution, what like doing 356k and grabbing himself 6 kills isn’t contributing?

    • Team Contribution ??!! when the day when BBs stop camping in the back with Full HP yeah sure pick radar and do all the team contribution you want

    • Yan Lou David Song

      This game he definitely did. But consider all the games he played with spotter plane on without radar

    • These games happened to be streamed. See for yourself

  3. Gareth Fairclough


    Lolwut, a jet of flame coming from the smoke stack instead of thick smoke from speed boost?

    Le jet propelled Republique!

    Oh lol, and that idiot in the Enterprise going for easy kills on targets that are already guaranteed to burn out instead of doing anything substantial! xD

  4. That was some superb shooting on the Mino and CM

    • Though I found that the aiming at the Minotaur was a bit high.

      Blind shooting into smoke is so satisfying for the shooter. One of the best karma-trggers.

  5. Spotter plane on DM. When you absolutely, positively have to trigger WoWs purists.

  6. Spotter plane is low key, best module in the game.

  7. inspired by Yuro lmao

  8. That two Des Moines…

    Learn to realize in time when your flank gets overrun.

  9. Thats what happen when you dont care of a DM

  10. 17:43 he could have for sure kill the yamato if he was angled but don’t know why he decided to fuck up at the end :/

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