DES MOINES – DONT let her come close….World of Warships

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Des 276k DMG 3. Base XP

Player: SavingJ
Map: Shatter

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  1. the american voice actor sounds waaaay too calm LOL

  2. Ennemies brain not found

  3. good old american way get in there face and force the freedom on them

  4. I love my Des Moines

  5. Ahh . . . the power of sitting in the middle of the map and having the enemy shoot at everyone else first!

  6. xXxGamesTearxXx

    wow 100k damage in early in the match

  7. amazing play , gg

  8. ahh these SALTY fuckers. ran into one who claimed to be their leader last ranked season, kept whining about how nobody was good enough to play ranked with him, bitching about my dd play even though i got rank 1 with 60% winrate. pretty sure all he saw was my overall winrate which includes a lot of random match fuckery and automatically decided i wasn’t worthy before he ever saw me play. fuck these guys.

  9. Wow wonderful

  10. rofl. why do i always have the feeling i play against Pro’s who fuckin train 24hrs ? 😀 anyway well done. But at the end with kutso + hindenburg thats just my wet dream.

  11. Worst…. voice over… ever. Good game though.

  12. agressive play = nice work at the end !

  13. noob team

  14. but very good

  15. Haha! Those last three cruisers… including the Minotaur! wow!

  16. This SavingJ guy is a beast in cruisers. You should check out his Hindenburg vid that Panzerknacker uploaded

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