Des Moines Legend 0.8.0 – World of Warships

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Solid Des Moines showing in 8.0, build works well in all situations and I love the legendary module. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Cruiser Des Moines Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. lol im first

  2. Notser do you get early tear soviet ships

  3. 7:10 The salt level in chat is so high.

  4. Always a pleasure my friend.

    : )

  5. God i hate fighting a good des moines player

  6. Love my DM and Worcester Daka daka monsters

  7. Using legendary module but not using acceleration module as well? Wtf?

  8. Hey Notser! I saw you playing in your Daring yesterday. I was in my Iowa on the eastern side on the map trying to defend Charlie point around 1-2 pm EST. Glad I didnt look like a total idiot that game, cuz I didnt see you til after the end results. It was me and you at the top, me coming up at a close second. Nicely done man, keep it up!

  9. Is Salem worth getting now?

  10. I havent found the need to add AA to any of my captains yet, but i do play mostly us Cruz, and AA is pretty good anyway…I have added AA mods to upgrades, but thats all i have needed so far.

  11. Can you do buffalos 0.8.1

  12. With BBs nowadays u just dont need Concealment anymore…e.g. my Monarch has with CE 11.5km, without 12.7km Concealment…I switched it away for earlier Fire Prevention. Since the CE-nerf I dont play BBs with CE anymore. Because of CVs I would honestly recommend using Fire Prevention (u should run it anyway) and Manual AA, because faster switching and better efficiency is just so valuable now. Even in a Monarch I can shot down a sizable amount planes and make damage.

  13. 3:31 “Take out the enemy aircraft carrier”?! There is none?

  14. The double acceleration works. End of statement.

  15. dont know why i still watch these since this game is basically dead to me

  16. Really good game! Havent really played much DM since the patch! But Now I got the urge to do just that!
    I did have a spectacular game in a mino though! 67 planes shot down! Hope your mum is still progressing bud! Keep it up:)

  17. Hey Notser. Don’t want to nitpick or anything, but if you turned the other way while getting away from the JB, he wouldn’t be able to pen you. Did you forget that the JB cannot overmatch a DM or was that just the heat of the moment? 😛

    • Dude, totally! He knows this. I can only guess he was distracted or panicked. It just always surprises me because of how basic the angling thing is and how smart of a player he is.

  18. 3:05 So instead of turning you just sail straight, cross your fingers and hope for the best? For crap sake Noter, you’re still broadside to a BB and nothing was forcing you to be. As soon as the JB came into view, I was sitting up, hammering the W & D keys, yelling turn! turn!! turn!!! oh crap…TUUURRRRNN!!! In light of how aggressive your play style is and your sense of responsibility to the team it was surprising to see such a odd move. Also, I liked the Neptune kill but the rest of the game felt really clumsy.

  19. Hey, I can see myself playing zao in your video!

  20. A lot of paddlin also picking rudder shift instead of the accel module but not using it at JB engagement

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