Des Moines – Legendary Module – 8 Kills || World of Warships

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  1. Asylbetrug stoppen !

  2. First comment and … actually I do not have much more to say, apart from that it was a great battle.
    I particularly liked the fact that this captain was NOT a kamikaze trying to be a posthumous hero, nor an aggressive captain trying to take his enemies ahead or a coward who keeps firing the whole game to reach maximum of his weapons.
    Finally, I also liked that this captain really thought and knew everything he did with his boat.
    7:24 WTF ??? How is that possible … A DES MOINES DAMAGING THE TURRET OF A BB ??
    And by the way, what is the legendary Module?

    • Alex Gonzalez thats why i encourage People never use bb in This Pac man game. Only cruisers and dd. And ruskies because is a ruskie game

    • The sidearmor of a BB-turret is weaker than the front. Fair chance that the Shell did pen through one of the 45 degree angles on the side?

    • Marc // OneManArmy

      Alex Gonzalez the legendary module for des moines provides:

      –50% to time taken to reach full power when accelerating (improved acceleration)
      –20% to rudder shift time
      –10% to duration of the Surveillance Radar

      But you have to trade your module in the 6th slot for it (e.g. main battery reload/ Range module)

  3. кυѕαиαgι™


  4. Use USS midway

  5. Good Player but alot of those were low health kills after his teammates whittled them down by actually NOT camping.

  6. From 0 – 28 in 6 seconds. Count me in!

  7. No results… Such a tease lol

  8. American cruisers the new DDs of the game hide and shoot Lol

  9. you should of almost be dead early in the game but the stupid rng they gave you.

  10. Schlechtes Video….. Nur am Campen…. Voll der looser

  11. Ok first off, I love ! This mod. I’ve used it a bunch and I’ve pulled off some really funny kills with it. I think it’s a great one. But this battle really doesn’t showcase what it can do and that really makes me sad. This is the first replay I’ve seen of a des Moises with the mod and it’s such a let down. Really needs the popularity boost too cause most of the CC (flamu, flam , notser ect) really didn’t give it the time of day and gave it bad reviews . But oh well. I guess a positive is that the few who know it’s power can keep it for themselves lol.

    • i got it for my DM and have been using it to fantastic effect in Clan Wars, being able to accelerate around an island before they know what’s going on and dumping an AP salvo into their broadside is hilarious fun. Holding an island corner when the enemy BB suddenly lobs a salvo at you? no prob hit the JATO’s and be a full ship length ahead of the shells before they get there.

  12. Gotta love this gay ass meta… Kemp rock, spam radar, spam HE. Real “dynamic game play” right there.

  13. 10:40 Start the real Match, end of the Pussy and camper style.

  14. God IDK if regret or not spending my stash of free xp(105k) just reach Algerie, I could be playing Baltimore right now with my freedom camo. Hope french CAs are good as they say

  15. To those ppl who just shout ‘Camper’, you guys keep die early! Play more TACTIC and that doesn’t mean only hide, only run, only rush. Know when you got to push and when to def !!! Why should he suicide at the Cap ?!

    • Tensuko Camper = people don’t understand how to play the DM,how to use his advantage and it consumable,CA special American need island cover and as the game progress they become more powerful if it’s full HP or close,better be a camper in a Des Moines and win most of the game’s and do +100k damage than die at the first 5 minutes of game

    • Battleship players: “Camping behind islands and spamming HE takes no skill and is cancerous for the meta.” Also battleship players: 5:39, working as intended.

  16. how do I get this camouflage?

  17. Langweiliges Gameplay

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