Des Moines likes it FAST and Dirty ^^ World of Warships

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  1. almost 1 minute radar 😀

  2. That was finest gameplay, really well played, thats how we like it! 🙂

  3. Son of a…

  4. How do these imbeciles get to tier X without learning any WASD skills? And well played by bdoy who really knows how to handle his ship.

  5. wow nice!

  6. dafuq did i just watch


    Дерзкий бой, супер

  8. with a title like that you may need a mature rating LolZ… De Moines was all out of bubble gum.

  9. Great job .How do you have the ship set up and captain skills?

  10. not afraid to brawl. what a paddlin

  11. What was that Gearing thinking? You know there is a Des on the other side of the island, you have been radared twice. You need to bug out to the middle cap.

  12. Ausgesichtnet!

  13. Enemies act like my teammates during weekends…

  14. What is captain build and upgrade ? Please because ur are using radio location

  15. That was awesome at the end. Surprise!

  16. Lewd. I wish I had enemy T10s sailing in straight lines full broadside in MY games. Well done though.

  17. Oh My God !!!!!!!

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