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The Des Moines is a Tech Tree Tier 10 American Cruiser. It is one of the oldest ships in the game, but still is a great ship to play. It has 9 203mm guns.

Ship: Tech Tree

I do play this match when I record the video, giving you live commentary and thoughts whilst playing the ship. This is actually a recorded video, and not taken from twitch. 😀

I hope you enjoyed the video, and if did, leave a comment or a like. Also, if anyone would like to ask me question about the ship, you can join me on twitch/discord/youtube comments, and if anyone wants to know any of the builds I run for T8, T9 and T10 ships, they are available on discord, link below.

00:00 Introduction
00:22 Build
01:25 Game 1
17:05 Score 1
18:40 Armor Layout
19:52 Game 2
29:44 Score 2
31:36 Build
32:25 Conclusion and Summary


  1. Love these videos, always helps me improve seeing and hearing your thoughts process!
    What do you think of the legendary mod? Is it ok or more of a meme?

    • Not that good nowadays.

    • @MalteseKnight I See what you mean with the last modification, but if a dm player who is aware of who is shooting him, the Leg mod can be game changing, it is also one of the big reasons why its still so good even if it is overmatched

    • For example, if you had leg mod on that first game, you could have easily dodged those halland torps and get him killed, but when u dont, any torps from a halland is dangerous, and also, if you run leg mod, you can actually do a better job at kiting too with the acceleration to dodge incoming shells, as a DM main, this is a must have to be as useful as possible to the team

  2. Nice to have a video on one of the original Cruisers that were in the game since the start. I think the DM is a good example how with small changes (and a good concept) even old ships can still be viable even in the current meta and with all of the ships being introduced over the years. Its always nice to have this variety of ships in your videos.

  3. I have exactly the same feelings about the range mod. Reload improves what is already great in des moines, while the range mod eliminates a significant disadvantage. Another thing is cruisers live and die depending on positioning. If you have a reload mod, sometimes there will be situations where your position is great, but you are not able to deal damage because your opponents are too far away. As a consequence you have to move forward and des moines in not very well armored, so this is not always possible. Range mod eliminates this problem and makes a given position valuable for much longer. Besides, there are maps where playing des moins without range is … suicidal.

    Overall, range mod is a much safer choice. And consistency is better than unpredictable benefits

  4. love the DM. Such a good ship even she was one of the first t10s it the game. Sure I get fucked by overmatching BBs from time to time but most of the time its a really enjoyable ship.

  5. Another great vid Malta, keep up the good content 🤜🏻

  6. I agree with your reasons for Extend Mode (Gun Fire Control Mod 2), but I prefer to run the legendary Upgrade: Enhanced Propulsion Plant – makes it easier/faster to start and stop plus better rudder shift. Will have to try the Extend Mode again and see.

  7. “Play it smart, don’t chase…” never truer words, I’ve waited for this video for such a long time Malta 👍Big Fan!!!

  8. I see you have had a range mod in the last two episodes. Do you get these from the Armoury from other ships? And does it matter about the class? ie. Can you put the Republic upgrade on the Schleiffen or the Des Moines? Thanks.

    • The range mod can be mounted on most ships, and when you demount it from Des Moines, you can put it on any other ship that can run range mod, but do keep in mind denouncing a module will cost doubloons, but you can buy multiple range mods or reload mods, same goes with modules in different slots.

  9. Interesting to see how you play. I Play full acceleration set up. I don’t have amazing avg dmg 75k but I can influence the game enough to maintain a 58% WR with 1.07 kills pergame. And it’s funny because I chase DDs and Battleships. Basically everything you are telling me not to

  10. I run legendary acceleration mod on my DM, it allows me to play the T10 meta while still being useful in games with no overmatch ships

  11. I started following you because of you and Flamu videos. I really love watching you both play either together or separate. I just got back into PC and I have to relearn everything. GG

  12. range is vital, times have changed , u cant just sit and wait all day for the bots to sail towards u because all bbs camp in the back.
    i get range even on mino and neptune and worcester because of the camp bb meta and yes i can farm all day the whole map when they hide behind islands.
    as an example i use marceau with range and it has 13,9 km range and the shell flight time is 16sec and des moines flight time in 18km is only 14 sec so with des moines its alot easier to hit than with marceau at max range.
    if u have 18km range on des moines u can still wreck everything in close range because it has fast firing guns like the light cruisers but with 203s instead of 152s

  13. Thanks for the thought process vids Malta! They’re helpful for gameplay and super entertaining at the same time.

  14. Been watching this pepega playing with flamu for what seems like forever. The highest WR Neustrashimy player. Finally dropped by to drop a sub 🙌 🤪

  15. Aditya Chanif Indhra Putra

    Great vid and commentary on Des Moines btw Maltese! Thankyou👍
    Btw, I have questions! Is it okay equipping spotter plane on Des Moines? Is there any different gameplay with that spotter plane? hehe

    Thankyou Maltese! Big FAN!

  16. Great vid … but I get a little weepy when your “bad” match exceeds my good ones. But hey, I’m here to learn and thank you for that.

  17. Malta: 120k dmg, multiple kills, 2nd top XP
    Also Malta: “Sorry guys, really bad game.”

    Lol great job and thanks for the pointers!!

  18. Agree about the range mod thing.
    I get more consistent damage with it but i think it’s kinda boring.
    I just don’t take the super aggressive positions when i have range mod on and just farm a lot which results in less intense and fun battles.
    And i have less of a ‘carrying’ feeling.

  19. Somehow my opinions about reload mod haven’t changed despite being smashed by BBs while bow in every other game. I think at this point I’m just too stubborn to switch

  20. Big Fan! These are the types of videos I Love. Average player, love to hear and see the thought process as it is happening

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