Des Moines still has it, after all this time – World of Warships

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Man, Des Moines has got to be one of the best ships every made in WoWS.

I just love playing this ship, and even tho’ I don’t think cruisers are the best way to go, due to so many BBs, aka its dangerous af, DM still has it.

What’s also funny is that I used to hate DM and didn’t think it took much skill to play.

Also in those days not many things could punch your nose, today most things will murder you and you have to be very careful.

P.s. look at that, not a Daring or Bourgy video -> comment if you read all this and spotted this part 3

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I agree, love desmo, but playing cruisers even with its upgraded armour there’s enough 18″ stuff around to overmatch you all the time…. Still so much fun.. miss the old legendary module acceleration though!

  2. 10:48 WTF is that cam thingy there? Never knew you could do that with the cam, like a replay.

  3. What Keys do you need to Press to dislodge the camera and afterwards get IT Back to normal?

  4. Does this mean that DM is the OG overpowered cruiser? 😉

  5. 3:00 If you know your history, you should know that no Schlieffen Plan survives contact with the enemy.

  6. Des Moines is awesome. Wish I had the skills to make her shine like that. 😉

  7. That Petro AFK for like 5 min wasn’t helping that Schlieffen either to be honest lol.

  8. Des Moines, good old american piercing ammo!

  9. She’s still my favorite ship

  10. Demoness is exactly the kind of ship that adds value to the game – powerful, but fragile. It will not hide in smoke, but play with lines of sight and lines of fire. It will not let opponents hide in smoke (long duration radar) and force them to play with lines of sight and lines of fire as well.

    So it not only promotes smart play for you, but also for your enemy.

  11. USS ”Daddy” DM still has it!

  12. When you went out I thought you were baiting the Yamato into those torps.

  13. And I still don’t get tired watching Des Moines gameplay.

  14. overmatched by everything the desi is still a fun damage dealer.

  15. Btw Flambino, you know that WG is located in Belarus from where Putin is attacking the Ukraine. What´s your opinion on that topic? i will delete the game tomorrow…

  16. 11:26
    Thanks to that salvo, DMs adrenaline rush almost max out killing the Yammy first before he can shoot the main guns again.

  17. The thing that saved Flambass was the Yama’s delayed shot. If he had shot the moment Flambo came out, that probably would have ended differently

  18. Flambass and Des Moines, a true love story

  19. Des Moines firepower never gets old.

  20. The other ship I like in Ranked is the Hindenburg, again if played properly it is a very powerful ship in that tier.

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