Des Moines – THE DESTROYER KILLER – World of Warships

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  1. @Trenlass you sir are epic in gameplay and hilarious as well.:) keep up the excellent content.

  2. Trenlass not only you explain game mechanics but you’re also funny af .Death to all piggies :)) thanks for the content

  3. It’s good to watch someone with an happy disposition, I would never name names but you and Flambino are the best thing on here regarding WOWS. Good game dude, I have 1 good game in 703 in the Desmo.

  4. I still remembered Trenlass have only less than 300 views per video but now how things have change. 5k to 10k in one or 2 days is a massive improvement.

  5. That friendly Thunderer at first was right about Yama, you don’t need to be at like 20km. But he pushed too far and die in like 5 min. Then he proceed to call Yama a camper and complain.
    That demonstrate even a broken clock can give you the correct time twice a day.

  6. Ayee, right on, glad to see you closing in another goal!! You absolutely deserve
    to give Pirate a ship soon, *YAYYY!*

  7. I don’t do twitch, but you have my support here on youtube 🙂

  8. I say this on most Des Moines Videos, but I LOVE how she plays. Such a strong ship even with all the power creep felt by most other original ships in the game. The only thing I’d say DM is missing is that she used to be a strong AA ship. She had no torpedoes to counter that back in the day.

  9. I like that you don’t only post the crazy good games that are wins. Thanks for the regular solid content.

  10. I think growth is down to the consistently good content with regular releases. When you get to give aways, Befast please, the good one, not the poor imitation 🙂

  11. I love your videos please keep them going.. And your videos help play better in world of warships

  12. That is my first goal whenever I’m in my DM, kill enemy dds. Then it’s rain HE or AP death on bbs and cruisers. Always a good time, except when a Yammie or Thunderer, you never even saw, one shot you across the map. That’s less fun.

    I really need to give Trenlass credit for teaching me how to play the DM properly. Any screw-ups these days are almost entirely my fault. Almost…..

  13. Watching your vids has made me a better WoWS player and for that , I thank you.

  14. Between you and flmabino make me laugh. WOWS players can be too serious and try too hard. I appreciate your work to make it a better place.

  15. tbh, i like your video, streamer or you as a player because you are not toxic too much and when you want to toxic or salty you know the place. Also, you are informative too ,yeah like other wows cc or ex-cc, with calm explanation even you are on salty position.

    This my experience in YT, idk in twitch stream coz seems like everytime you streaming its my time to sleep kekw.

    Keep PMA

  16. Definately the most enjoyable wows youtuber.

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