Des Moines – The most insane brawling in a while – World of warships

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    Very futuristic look indeed.

  2. Unlucky game

  3. U_dinz Clone 04

    Ah yes. DM the ship that always work even when the meta change so much. Sure its a lot harder to use nowdays but just like yamato it always work

    • Yeah, and people tend to disrespect it. Sadly more and more ships can just overmatch you even if you are bow in holding an angle.

  4. 😮 Heino spielt WoWs 😂 😉

  5. would be nice for WG to implement something like shrinking map like after 1-2 minute A and J line to become unavailable and if you stay there you take massive dmg % of your life, then B and I and so on until you’re left with only DEFG , that would create this kind of brawl continually 🙂

    • They had that in the one mode at the end and it sucked.

    • That was basically epicenter.

      Most players still ran to the A/J or 1/10 lines and didn’t understand why they lost when there is one big cap in the centre that is red.

  6. Whats with the goggles? lol

  7. GG! What a good brawl!

  8. dislike counter

    8h after upload and it’s still like 480p?

  9. Follow that advice in the future that u gave the CV

  10. Des Moines, my comfort ship

  11. Poor weak Des Moines, eclipsed by the op Petro. xp

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