Des Moines – World of Warships – 3800+XP 210000+DMG CARRY

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Player: Boubolinos
Ship: Des Moines
Map: Hotspot

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  1. And that people is why the British cruiser line was delayed, this exact
    type of gameplay.

  2. in general, Des Moines is the most exciting tier 10 ship to play and watch.

  3. wtf i wasnt enough angled and I hadnt my commander

  4. i’ve been getting some shit rng in my des monies lately. been pissing me
    off. like 3 fires a game.

  5. That Duskhoi at 13:10 is like “Crud ran into an island. Better back up.
    Detected? OH CR–” *Enemy Crusier Foundered*

  6. Really bad gameplay with a lot of luck and pants on head moments for the
    enemy. As a cruiser player I refuse to acknowledge hiding behind an island
    and doing jack while watching the rest of the team crumble when they could
    use support as “good gameplay”.

  7. @ Panzerknacker why you upload this shit gameplay lol.look before upload
    please next time ty !

  8. Jeez that shell speed, if you don’t get close with these you won’t hit a
    thing. Serious turn off, not gonna pursue this line further than New
    Orleans. Pointless.

  9. hmmm, interesting style of play…i will try it

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